Unique Engagement Rings

It might be argued that engagement rings are the one piece of jewelry all women (including single ladies and commitment-phoebes) love to look at. There are countless Pinterest boards have been created to preserve them for the moment the “perfect guy” comes along. From romantic engagement rings, to modern engagement rings, to unique engagement rings, dreaming about the engagement ring of your dreams is a guilty pleasure for most women.

However, not all women dream about the traditional solitaire engagement ring. There are plenty of non-traditionalists out there dreaming about something totally unique and unexpected – something that may not even be found on Pinterest (is that even possible?)! If you are one of these lucky few, Shapiro Diamonds can help. The rings and tips below are certainly sure to please any offbeat bride!

What is a Unique Engagement Ring?

Traditionalists step aside! Unique engagement rings can mean a multitude of different things to different couples.  One thing is for sure, this style of ring will make you forget all about the traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring. You are going to love whatever rock your fiancé slips on your finger (most hearts are not made of stone), but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the unique and extraordinary ring details that fit your personality and budget. Here’s design elements that fall within the unique engagement ring category to save, pin, print out and dream about.

Asymmetric Design

White most classic solitaire settings are balanced and even, unique engagement rings can be asymmetric, unbalanced and even sculptural in design. These rings are often for the offbeat woman who loves art, architecture and all things visually beautiful and unexpected.

Unexpected Metals – Black Rhodium

Opposites attract in this gorgeous solitaire engagement ring with a (D) Colorless Diamond set in a jet black rhodium solitaire setting. The setting is created in white-gold and then is rhodiumed with a jet-black gun-coating in a high gloss. (Matte finish is also available). Black rhodium is new in the jewelers industry and is being used by only the best jewelers in the country. Shapiro Diamonds is proud to offer this to our technology clients.

East/West Set Diamonds

Most elongated diamonds, including emerald cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds, and marquise cut diamonds, are set north/south on the finger with the diamond spanning from the finger nail to the wrist. However, if you are a non-traditional bride looking for a truly unique engagement ring, consider setting the stone east/west on the finger. This setting style is also known as sideway set diamond. The look is does a great job of adding an alternative spin to an otherwise tried-and-true setting.

Wide/Single Band

Adorn yourself in sparkle, but without the “big rock” look by choosing a wider band accented with pave-set diamonds. This is a sparkling, brilliant and eye-catching look that is clearly the sign of a engaged and married woman, but without the challenges (and often cost) of a large single stone engagement ring. This is an excellent choice for many brides working in the medical field or athletic brides due to its low profile and durable setting.

Free-flowing Design

We love this free-flowing, swooping design created for a recent client. The design is unique, sculpturally inspired and modern. It is a unique design that is sure not to be forgotten. The bride incorporated a bark, wood-grained finish for he matching free-form wedding band, to match her husband’s wedding and.

Band Stack

Not a fan of the big rock look? We adore the new look of band stacking! A band stack gives you the flexibility to add to your collection of rings over time (affordably), with each anniversary, celebration, holiday or major life event. Mix-and-max the bands and switch the order to completely change the look of your engagement ring and wedding band look. Combine white gold, rose gold and yellow gold to wear a different look every day. Undoubtedly our favorite unique engagement ring look!

Split Shank

If you’re not ready to go for a fully “out-there” unique look, you can always make minor alterations to a popular setting.  We love this split shank design we recently created. A split shank design splits the band into two separate bands, creating a basket to hold the center stone in place. This creates a fun and updated look to a beloved look.

Gemstone Engagement Rings – Add Color!

When selecting an engagement ring, it’s important to select a design that reflects the unique character of the one it will adorn. Since the 1930’s, white diamonds been the most popular center stone. However, if you are looking for a twist on the traditional, there is a stunning world of colorful gemstones just waiting for the perfect engagement ring design. In addition to being completely gorgeous, colorful gemstones can also cost a fraction of a diamond does. This will deliver a ring that will knock her off her feet with color, beauty and a unique engagement ring she can’t wait to wear.

But not all brides dream in white. Even Princess Diana fell in love with the oval-cut blue sapphire engagement ring presented to her by Harry. The stone was surrounded by round brilliant cut white diamonds. We created this beauty for one of our clients about two years before Harry proposed and both have remained flawless.

Maybe your style is rich and bold with hints of distinct femininity. If so, consider a deep purple amethyst set in a rose gold setting. This is especially lovely when accented with a diamond halo of round brilliant cut white diamond. Amethyst is a deep rich purple color with superb clarity and it perfectly complements unique engagement rings. The purple color will enhance the rose gold tones that will enhance the romance of this gorgeous unique gemstone and diamond ring.

Red rubies have been known throughout history for their ability to inspire passion, devotion and undying love. Without a doubt, the red ruby has been associated with royalty. The fiery depths of the red ruby engagement ring will create a proposal that is completely unforgettable. Rubies combine beautifully with white diamonds to create a completely unique and untraditional engagement ring.

The lush green color of emeralds creates unexpected, stunning and unique engagement rings that are sure to get noticed. Emeralds are softer than diamonds and require a little extra care, but their beauty and rich, deep color make it well worth it. The green gemstone creates creativity, luck and healing to those who wear it. The emerald was a favorite of Queen Cleopatra and is sure to be a favorite for unique engagement rings as well. We created this stunning emerald engagement ring with surrounding round white diamonds set in a diamond halo. This unique gemstone ring guarantees admirers from near and far.

Where to Buy Alternative Engagement Rings in Dallas

If the traditional white diamond and classic solitaire is simply not your only cup of tea, then feel free to explore our favorite alternative engagement rings. There are many metal options, design styles and colorful gemstones that let you express your individuality. Combining these elements will let you be certain that your engagement ring is forever and uniquely your own.

Shapiro Diamonds is a Personal Jeweler, Diamond Showroom and Custom Design Studio located in Dallas. We specialize in creating one-of-kind diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry pieces. Whether you have seen a design you’d like to re-create with modifications, or you are looking for a complete original design, our expert jewelry designers and diamond setters are the best in the business. You’ll be working directly with the owners of the company and tenured diamond experts, Lance and Kendra Shapiro, who have over 20 years of experience in the diamond business. Custom design is our specialty. At Shapiro Diamonds, our mission has always been to make buying and designing a diamond engagement ring a better, more enjoyable experience.

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