Round Diamonds in Dallas

This truly classic diamond can be known as many things…a round diamond, a round brilliant cut diamond, a round shape diamond, a brilliant-cut diamond, Old European diamond, an ideal cut diamond or a hearts and arrows diamond. All of them equal one thing – a stunning diamond no woman can refuse.

Those who are seeking the diamond engagement ring in Dallas, Texas should consider Shapiro Diamonds as their guide. When purchasing a round diamond, it is essential to work with a diamond expert and experienced jeweler designer. Finding a diamond dealer in Dallas who is cognizant of both your budget and your diamond desires can help to ensure that you get the best overall quality and value on your diamond purchase.

Where to Find the Best Round Diamonds in Dallas

What woman doesn’t love sparkle? And when it comes time for an engagement ring, the more sparkle the better. For the ultimate sparkle and shine, many of the soon-to-be-engaged turn to the sparkling round diamond. More than 75% of the engagement ring diamonds sold today are round shapes. The diamonds are polished to maximize their sparkle factor, making it a favorite for engagement rings in Dallas. Shapiro Diamonds has the largest collection of round diamonds in Dallas. Our inventory includes brilliant-cuts ranging from .50 (half-carat) to over 10.00 carats and in virtually every cut, color, clarity and quality combination imaginable. Call us today to schedule your appointment to view our collection of the best round diamonds in Dallas.

What is a Round Diamond?

The round diamond is the most popular diamond shape, representing approximately 75% of all diamonds sold. The shape resembles that of a cone with a round, circular shape on top. Due to the mechanics of its shape, this shape diamond is generally superior to all other shape diamonds at properly reflection of light and sparkle, maximizing potential brightness. Properly cut round diamonds sparkle more than all other diamond shapes. Round diamonds are brilliant in cut, (not step-cut) meaning they have a scattering of “brilliant” cuts showing off the many reflecting facets. This creates the sparkle from this shaped stone.

What Does a Round Diamond Look Like?

From the top looking down, this brilliant-cut diamond appears round. Not sphere-like, but more like a flat, circular tabletop. From the side, this diamond shape resembles a cone. The very top is called the “table.” The cut was originally developed in the 1600s and at first only had 17 facets. In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky defined specific angles and proportions to create the first brilliant diamond in the market place today. His design created what we know today as the round diamond. This diamond features 58 facets. It is known as the Tolkowsky Ideal Cut Diamond.

Over the last century, diamond cutters have studied light reflection and how each facet bounces the direction of the light. They have used mathematical calculations, technology, and computers which ultimately enabled diamond cutters to maximize the brilliance through the facets. This ultimately increased the fire and sparkle of the found in the diamonds. The round diamond’s symmetrical shape gives it the most sparkle, since it allows light to come through at so many angles. This is the reason this shape diamond is the most classic and most loved diamond shape.

The Importance of a Diamond’s Cut

A diamond’s cut is the single most important characteristic of the Four Cs as it determines the diamonds sparkle, brilliance and fire. When evaluating the Four Cs of diamond quality, diamond cut should be of first importance. Diamonds that are poorly cut will give off a dull and lifeless appearance. This is true even if the gem is perfect in other ways, with Flawless Clarity and the highest D Color. The cut of a diamond impacts it overall light performance. Ideally, a diamond’s cut should reflect the maximum amount of potential light to its viewer’s eye. A diamond that is cut too deeply will allow light to escape through its sides, giving off a dark and unflattering appearance to the stone. Likewise, should a diamond possess too shallow of a cut, the stone will lose it brilliance due to the light that is able to escape. Diamonds that have Excellent to Ideal Cut will sparkly brilliantly in every light. Excellent to Ideal Cut diamonds will actually appear to improve the color and clarity of the diamond, making it appear whiter and less flawed than it actually is. Sparkle is a very powerful thing!

Why Buy the Round Shape Diamond?

Round diamonds are the most popular shape gem purchased today for diamond rings and jewelry alike. This diamond shape and style that has stood the test of time. They are the most sought after shape in the marketplace today. This is due in large part to their infinite beauty. The universal appeal of the round shape can also make them the perfect choice for promise ring, engagement ring or wedding band. Brilliant rounds hold their value more than any other shape diamond because they are less likely to date themselves or be considered “trendy” the way fancy shapes diamonds do, such as marquise diamonds, pear diamonds or princess diamonds. Finally, because they are so loved, this shape stone is cut more frequently by diamond cutters, meaning they are more plentiful in the international diamond markets today. Meaning, when you are ready to shop for a diamond, you’ll have more selection to choose from. Due to its beauty and flexibility, it is estimated that the round shape accounts for approximately 75% of all diamonds that are sold today. They are truly are the most classic and most loved classic shape.

Polishing the Round Diamond

For nearly a century, professional diamond cutters and gemologists have studied the round diamond using mathematical calculations when cutting the stone in order to best optimize the gem’s beauty. In utilizing this mathematics in polishing techniques, they take advantage of the diamond’s cone-shaped lower half in order to maximize the light return that refracts through the top of the diamond. The goal is to make relationship between the angle of the crown at the top of the stone and the lower “pavilion” of the round cut diamond complementary and optimal. Because of its unique shape, this shapr diamond is typically considered to be superior to many of the fancy shape diamonds, especially since it can maximize potential brilliance and sparkle factor due to the proper reflection of light.

Overall, round diamonds can generally provide a larger carat weight, but without the need to sacrifice appearance, giving you much more flexibility in balancing the gem’s color and clarity grades, while still providing the brilliance that is desired. In comparing these gems to other potential choices (all else being equal), a round diamond will provide you with more sparkle and value than its alternatively shaped counterparts.

Who Likes Brilliant-Cut Diamonds?

The round diamond is ideal for those who are drawn to all things classic and traditional. She’s a woman who isn’t afraid to sparkle and shine, but doesn’t want to be trendy. She’s looking for a jewelry piece that will last a life-time, one that she can hand down for generations to come and still be loved as much as it was the day she received it. She’s a woman of elegance, grace and sophistication.

Many celebrities and fashion icons have worn brilliant-cut diamonds as engagement rings or as part of a red-carpet jewelry showcase. The actress Nicollette Sheridan from television’s “Desperate Housewives” owns a diamond ring that features a traditional round engagement ring with baguette diamonds on each side.

Natalie Portman also wears this diamond shape, a stone surrounded by a double halo of diamonds pave-set diamonds flowing down the band.

Scarlett Johansson keeps in line with her trés chic Parisian lifestyle with her French journalist fiancé Romain Dauriac, by wearing a vintage Art Deco engagement ring. The unique sparkler features three round diamonds surrounded by a diamond-encrusted rectangular setting.

What is the Best Setting for a Round Diamond?

One of the reasons the round diamond is so loved is that it works well with any type of setting. A round diamond is beautiful set up high in prongs, or set low into the band as a bezel. The diamond is also beautiful set alone or with other white diamonds or colored gemstone – the choice is truly up to you.

The most classic engagement ring is a solitaire engagement ring. This includes the brilliant cut diamond set atop a four or six prong setting. This is the iconic symbol of an engaged woman. Because a solitaire setting is more affordable than an ornate or intricate setting with accent diamonds, it allows the buyer to spend the bulk of the budget on the diamond, not the setting.

Brilliant-cut diamonds are also commonly set with small accent stones, often smaller round stones. These diamonds can be set in a multitude of ways, including pave-set, shared-prong set, or channel-set. These diamonds are meant to accent the center stone and show sparkle from the side of the ring, but not overpower the center diamond. Working with a professional jewelry designer can help you achieve the perfect balance and ratio between the diamond sizes and diamond carat weights.

Two very popular setting styles for round stones are the diamond halo and the three stone round rings. The halo ring is a setting style that refers to the placement of smaller diamonds set around a main center stone. The smaller diamonds set around the center stone creates what appears to be a halo like appearance. The three stone ring is also very popular. It includes two smaller, matching accent stones on the sides of the round center diamond. These can also be round diamonds or another shape such as half-moons, princess diamonds, trillion diamonds or pear diamonds. The very unique option is to place precious gemstones on the sides of the white diamond, bringing color into your diamond ring.

When designing a setting for your round engagement ring, it’s important to consider a design allows the diamonds to capture the light and show off their sparkle. Some settings have too much metal that block light and cover too much of the diamond – preventing maximum sparkle and brilliance from the diamond.

What are Hearts and Arrows Diamonds?

Hearts and Arrows diamonds are a specific cut of diamond, still within the round shape. Hearts and Arrows diamonds are an exceptionally well cut diamond. Only a small percentage of round diamonds are cut so perfectly that they fall within the “Hearts and Arrows” category. The diamond is cut to such ideal cut proportions that it includes excellent optical symmetry, excellent polish, excellent cut and a specific faceting pattern. As a result, a clearly defined set of 8 hearts and 8 arrows is visible. When these facets are precisely aligned, the diamond shows patterns that look like 8 arrows from the top and 8 hearts from the bottom. It will need to be viewed loose under a microscope or diamond loupe to see the pattern very well, although can sometimes be seen with the naked eye.

Generally, the hearts and arrows cut is indicative of an exceptionally well-cut diamond and means the diamond will be exceptionally brilliant and fiery, (although there are exceptions to this rule considering there are other factors outside of cut). Shapiro Diamonds carries a good collection of Hearts and Arrows diamonds and love to show you the collection.

The Best in Beauty and Value

Buying the perfect custom engagement ring is a one-time event. With that in mind, it is essential to opt for the best quality possible while still obtaining it at a reasonable price. Through its international network of diamond industry leaders, Shapiro Diamonds in Dallas can provide you the most meticulous diamond inventory and gorgeous custom engagement rings at wholesale diamond prices. During your diamond consultation at our showroom, you’ll see a large collection of round diamonds within your price range and budget, in a wide range of diamond colors, diamond cuts, diamond clarities and diamond carat weights. This will allow you to balance to Four Cs to find the best balance of all factors for you. Seeing the diamonds side by side, unmounted, is the only way to adequately compare all the factors. This is the way to find the best diamond in beauty and value for you. Call us today to schedule your appointment to view our loose round cut diamonds inventory.