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Truly Romantic, Exceptionally Rare and Highly Desirable. There’s nothing quite like a Natural Pink Diamond. Pink Diamonds are without a doubt the most sought-after colored diamond in the market today.

What is a Pink Diamond?

A pink diamond is naturally formed diamond, much like a white diamond, however it is naturally tinted with hues of varying degrees of pink. Pink Diamonds range in intensities from the delicate, barely noticeable faint pink, to an intense, vivid hot pink color. And colors are combined from pure pink to combinations like orangey pink, purplish pink and brownish pink. Hues include deep orange pink and intense pink with fancy vivid and fancy deep pink among the most desirable. Natural fancy pink diamonds are probably the most sought after diamonds that exist.

They are extraordinarily rare and priced accordingly. This is due to their scarcity and their undeniable beauty. However, the incredible impact of a rare, fancy pink diamond in an engagement ring is priceless.

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About Natural Fancy Pink Diamonds

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) recently reported “Of the millions of diamonds mined each year, only .001 percent can qualify as fancy colors and only a handful can achieve the top grades of Intense and Vivid.” This incredibly small percentage of diamonds equates to only 700 true fancy pink diamonds located each year. Natural fancy color diamonds, regardless of their color, are already known as one as one the most extreme rarities and luxuries, in the world. Of the diamond color diamond family, Pink Diamonds are the second to rarest color found.  You imagine how incredibly rare and near priceless these diamonds truly are.

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How is a Pink Diamond Formed?

The pink hue in fancy pink diamonds is believed to be due to the stone’s atomic structure. Pink diamonds get their color due to a deformation in nature, of the diamond crystal while it is still semi solid. The deformations are known as ‘color centers’. The color centers are prone to impurities that bring about change during the formation process. The impurities are different trace minerals within the compound elements that create the diamonds. Depending on the origin of the diamond (location of mine) certain minerals are more present. This, in turn, increases the presence of specific colors of diamonds from specific areas. The largest collection of pink diamonds to date has come from Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia.

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Unlike fancy yellow diamonds where the color is caused from large amounts of nitrogen, the cause of the pink diamond color actually still remains unknown and unconfirmed. Scientific evidence has shown that pink diamonds contain high pressure graining which is thought to be the origin of the color. As a result of the increased pressure, it is extremely difficult to find a pink colored diamond with a flawless or Very, Very Slightly Imperfect One Clarity grade. In fact, most natural pink diamonds often contain internal graining lines or surface graining lines which create imperfections within the diamond. However, color is the main concern when evaluating the beauty and value of a colored diamond. Clarity and Cut are secondary factors.

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Where do Pink Diamonds Come From?

Natural fancy pink diamonds are one of the rarest, and most desires, natural diamonds in the world. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia is the world’s major producer of large, high quality pink diamonds. Pink diamonds are also found in a small number of diamond mines throughout the world including India, Canada, Russia and South Africa. However, more than any other, the Argyle Diamond mine has been known as the largest source of high quality pink diamonds. The coloring of the diamonds found from the Argyle Mine is so unique that experienced diamond experts and gemologists can often identify the origin of the diamond by viewing the stone alone. The pink coloring of an Argyle pink diamond is so vibrant that Argyle Pinks, regardless of the size, are considered excellent investments. In recent years, the popularity of fancy colored diamonds has really risen and the Argyle diamond mine is a major factor for the awareness of the availability of fancy pink diamonds.

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Australia: Argyle Mine Pink Diamond

The Argyle diamond mine produces close to 90% of the world’s stock of pink diamonds. Unfortunately when this mine reaches the end of its commercial life, the availability of new pink diamonds is going to virtually stop. Natural pink diamonds are found in other parts of the world, but not with any consistency and certainly not with the color intensity, quality and size of those at the Argyle Diamond Mine. This is the reason investors and collectors of natural commodities are flocking to buy natural pink diamonds, as it is certain their value is going to increase over time.

The most desirable fancy pink diamonds – those with deeper hues attract values running into hundreds of thousands of dollar per carat and due to the scarcity of these stones – the price looks set to increase considerably in years to come. This is partly due to worry about availability. The Argyle Mine’s future as a source for the diamonds is slowly being depleted.

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How Are Pink Diamonds Graded?

To help grade and pricing, the Argyle Mine created their own detailed color grading system. Graded from 1P (most intense color) to 9P (very faint color) in Pink, Purple Pink, Rose Pink and Champaign Pink and the very rare Red Pink. However, after the diamond is sold and polished, the diamond is then sent to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to have an independent certification performed. A diamond certificate is a report created by a team of trained and educated professional gemologists. The diamond certificate is also referred to as a diamond grading report, diamond dossier, or diamond quality document.  During the creation of a diamond certificate, the diamond is evaluated, measured, and scrutinized by a professional gemologist using a jeweler’s loupe, a microscope, and other industry tools. A completed certificate includes a complete analysis of the diamond. This includes, but is not limited to, the diamond’s dimensions, clarity, color, polish, symmetry, and other characteristics. The GIA certificate also clearly communicates the diamond’s Color intensity and any modifiers of Hue.

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The Color of a Pink Diamond

All diamonds – including white diamonds – are assessed by the same four main attributes of diamond quality; Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight. However, unlike white diamonds, the Color of a Fancy Color Diamond is the most significant characteristic of all.

Secondary Hues and Color Modifiers: Fancy colored diamonds are not always straight colors. Often times, in fact more often than not, diamonds come with a secondary hue or color modifier. This is another color that is also present and visually seen, along with the main color. Most pink diamonds in today’s market contain any of the following overtone colors; Purplish-Pink, Brownish-Pink, Grayish-Pink, Orangey-Pink, and Brownish-Purple-Pink. These color combinations create interesting, in beautiful, diamonds. Pink diamonds with secondary hues and color modifiers are still extremely rare and highly desirable. A straight, pure colored pink diamond without any secondary hue is more valuable. However, as a result of its magnificent appearance, a purplish pink diamond is also considered most preferred.

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Color Intensities: Pink colored diamonds can be found in a very wide range of intensity grades. The GIA has an advanced grading scale with the following Color Intensities Grades; Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep and Fancy Dark. The darker the diamond’s color, the rarer and more expensive the stone. The intensity grades are dependent on the color combinations within the stone.

Even with the rarity of pink diamonds, as a result of their exquisite colors, they are often used in diamond jewelry. We recently completed these gorgeous of Pink Diamond Earrings and Pink Diamond Necklace for one of our clients.

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What Color Pink Diamond Should I Choose?

Fancy pink diamonds fall within the outlined color grades defined by the GIA – ranging from Faint Pink to Fancy Dark Pink. The deeper or more intense the color of the diamond, the more difficult it will be to locate, the more rare the diamond, and the more expensive it will be.  Generally we suggest clustering smaller fancy light pinks together to help enhance their color tone. We also recommend mounting fancy pink diamonds in 18-karat rose gold settings and closed-cage baskets. This allows for the rose (pink) color to bounce into the stone, further modifying the color of the diamond. The best diamonds that are a deep highly noticeable pink even in the smallest stones are graded fancy pink or vivid pink. These stones are the true collector pieces. People who really want a pink diamond are drawn to these stones. With each jump in color grade the price will generally double for a similar size and clarity diamond. Your shape selection will also be greatly limited.

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Famous Pink Diamond Jewelry

At one point in history, fancy pink diamonds were only affordable by royalty. Nowadays fancy pink diamonds are the diamond of choice by the rich and famous. Many of the Hollywood stars adorn themselves with the most glamorous pieces of pink diamond jewelry. Ben Affleck presented Jennifer Lopez an unbelievably gorgeous 6.00 carat pink diamond ring. Mariah Carey’s Diamond Engagement Ring contains a 10.02-carat Pink diamond, and Penelope Ann Miller was happy to show off her 3.00ct Pink Radiant Diamond Ring at the Academy Awards.

In 1994 Christie’s sold a 19.66 carat pink diamond for $7.4 million and in 1995 Sotheby’s sold a 7.37 carat fancy pink diamond for over $6 million. In 2009, a 5.00 carat cushion-cut pink diamond sold for $10.8 million – setting two diamond records: Most expensive diamond per carat ever sold at an auction, and the most expensive fancy pink diamond ever sold.

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Who Buys Pink Diamonds?

Pink diamonds are recognized as extreme luxury items. The increase in rarity, together with their popularity, has significantly driven pink diamond prices up. Consequently, they are often utilized as additions to investment portfolios as excellent alternative investments. Collectors and commodities investors alike are purchasing fancy pink diamonds as investments today, understanding the growth potential of this rare stone. While prices for true fancy pink diamonds are currently high, their value looks set to rise quite considerably due to their scarcity, making them an ideal choice of investment. Additionally, lovers of this incredible gemstone will always have a soft spot for this romantically beautiful diamond.

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The Rarity of the Pink Diamond

The pink diamond is the most the rarest and most expensive of the colored diamonds and caters to the exclusive end of the diamond market. The demand for pink diamonds often exceeds the availability of these diamonds which means finding a suitable stone can often take several months or years and the prices for these gems continually increases at a rapid rate which makes pink diamonds a great investment opportunity.

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How Much is A Fancy Pink Diamond?

Although people generally know that pink diamonds are more expensive than a white diamond, few people realize how expensive they are. Because the demand for pink diamonds far exceeds their availability, and because they are so rare, the price is continually pushed upward. This creates a price increase of 50-100 times the price of very high quality white diamond. This exclusive price per carat cost, limits fancy pink diamonds for exclusive jewelry lovers, investors and gem collectors.

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Where Can I Find Pink Diamonds in Dallas?

Shapiro Diamonds is one of a select number of wholesale diamond dealers with unlimited access to the rare collection of Fancy Pink Diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia. Our connections in the wholesale colored diamond market can allows us to arrange for  a collection of fancy pink diamonds available to viewing to our clients. We can offer our clients some of the most exquisite pink diamonds in existence. Shapiro Diamonds supplies only the highest grades of GIA certified diamonds. Contact or Call us today to view a collection of fancy pink diamonds.

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