Romantic Engagement Rings

Romantic Engagement Rings

Ready for the ring? Congratulations!  Not only are you about to head into one of the most exciting journeys of your life, you are undoubtedly prepping for one of your most important purchases of your life – your engagement ring. Whether it’s a diamond or gemstone, this engagement ring will require careful consideration. You’ll want a ring that expresses both your personalities and fits within your budget. Shapiro Diamonds can help you navigate these waters to help you find the best engagement ring that works perfectly for you both!
Romantic Custom Engagement Rings
Romantic engagement rings are romantic reflections to the world that tell your and fiancé’s romantic love story all its own. At Shapiro Diamonds in Dallas, we love creating custom engagement rings – especially romantic rings! We recognize that often a pre-manufactured, stock ring simply will not do for your unique and special love story. Each and every Shapiro Diamonds piece custom-designed, hand-made and designed in collaboration with the client, which makes wearing a piece from our collection incredibly special. We believe no two love stories are alike, and no two diamond rings should be alike.

What is a Romantic Engagement Ring?

Perfect for the romantic woman, these rings delivers the beauty, elegance and romance of yoru love story with the quality of today’s jewelry making techniques. Romantic  rings are often very ornate with intricate scrollwork and small details, often adorned with hearts, leaves swirls and hand engravings. A romantic engagement ring can mean many different things to different couples. Sure, any proposal is romantic, but when a bride requests a romantic ring, she is may be asking for some specific design elements. Shapiro Diamonds can help you narrow down the vast field of diamond shapes, setting styles and ring styles to help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring for her. A romantic engagement ring, may include one or more of the following design elements:
Heart Shape Diamonds
Without a doubt, the most romantic shaped diamond is the heart-shape diamond. Throughout centuries, the heart shape diamond has been known to possess qualities of everlasting love, fidelity and romance. There is no better way to pledge your heart to someone than with a heart-shape diamond.

A diamond engagement ring is the perfect opportunity to go the extra mile to make your future spouse feel especially loved. Heart-shaped diamonds are the perfect way to do that. Not only are heart-cut diamonds perfect for the sentimental symbols, they are also well-known and especially loved for the unique sparkle they reflect. A true romantic, the heart shape diamond is the purest form of a romantic diamond engagement ring.


What Does a Romantic Engagement Ring Look Like?

Aside from selecting a heart-shape diamond, and metal of choice A romantic engagement ring can incorporate a variety of setting technique and design elements that can express the romantic ring style. For instance, you might be a romantic bride who prefers delicate and ornate details with heart shape diamond shapes etched into the band of the ring. Below are just a few of our favorite ways to incorporate the romantic style into your engagement ring.

Rose Gold

Also known as pink gold, rose gold is becoming increasingly popular among both young brides and older brides alike. Pink will always represent love, romance and all things feminine.


Heart Accents

Heart shape accents can be incorporated anywhere on the romantic diamond ring, whether it be as bold as the center diamond, or as sweet and subtle as the interior engraving on the inside of the band. We’ve created rings with hand-engraved heart-shapes on the band of the ring, heart-shaped cut outs on the interior of the band, heart shapes in the gallery of the ring and even heart-shaped cut-out filigree accent work.


Two Become One Concept

Marriage and love has always been about the romance of two souls becoming one. One romantic way to honor this concept is to create this vision in your romantic diamond ring. We love the romance of this ring, envisioning the two souls, represented by the two diamond bands, swirling to become one together.

Floral Elements

Give your bride flowers everyday of her life by presenting her with a romantic engagement ring with floral design elements. Next to diamonds, flowers are a girl’s best friend. Give her both with a floral diamond engagement ring.

Embrace Design

Feminine, romantic and pretty, this romantic embrace engagement ring features a swirl of diamonds around the center stone. This ring of diamonds assures her you will embrace her every day and will always be her protector.

A Truly Romantic Ring

Diamonds and precious gemstones are the perfect way to enhance, solidify and celebrate a relationship between two people. They are a symbol of love, affection and commitment. When a stone is cut it into the shape of a heart, the symbolism is magnified. When a diamond of any shape, is placed into a setting that is adorned with romantic design elements, the ring becomes the perfect representation of a romantic relationship that is eternal. And no matter the bride’s tastes, no woman can say no to eternal love.

Where Can I Buy a Romantic Engagement Ring in Dallas?

Shapiro Diamonds is the leader in designing and creating the most beautiful Romanic diamond engagement rings in DFW and beyond.  We have designed and created over 6,500 custom engagement rings in Dallas to date. When selecting and design an engagement ring, you want to work with an industry leader, wholesale diamond dealer and tenured jewelry expert, Shapiro Diamonds. We focus on providing our clients with diamond facts to ensure you have the information to make the right choice when purchasing a diamond.

Shapiro Diamonds is a wholesale diamond dealer in Dallas and purchases diamonds directly from the international diamond cutters and polishers overseas. We have access to the largest collections of diamonds available in the market as well as a vast collection of stones in our own inventory. We would love to work with you to create your custom diamond engagement ring in Dallas, TX. Contact or Call us today to set up an appointment to visit our diamond showroom and select your diamond. We look forward to hearing from you.