Our Team

Shapiro Diamonds is a well-known and highly-respected jewelry design team in Dallas, Texas. Lance and Kendra Shapiro have gained respect in the diamond industry world-wide, having created more than 20,000 custom diamond rings in the Dallas Fort Worth area alone, gaining an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, receiving multiple 5-Star reviews on Yelp and Google and serving for more than ten years as a member of the Rappaport Diamond Network and Jewelers Board of Trade. Extensive experience in the international diamond market has given Lance and Kendra Shapiro an intimate understanding of the diamond industry and the techniques to recognize and select the most brilliant diamonds in the market today. The diamond showroom and custom design studio has on-site master craftsmen and jewelry artisans creating some of the world’s finest jewelry pieces.


Jeweler in Dallas Texas Lance Shapiro

Lance Shapiro
Diamond Expert and Jewelry Designer

Lance Shapiro's journey in the diamond industry is deeply rooted in his family's legacy and his personal commitment to excellence. Born into a family with a long history in the diamond business, Lance Shapiro's expertise and passion for diamonds have been honed over the years, culminating in his role as a prominent figure in the global diamond market.

Having immigrated to the US and established Shapiro Diamonds in 1986, Lance has strategically expanded his operations to key locations such as Tel Aviv, Belgium, and South Africa, enabling him to maintain a robust international network for diamond sourcing and distribution. His hands-on approach to business, including frequent trips to diamond hubs like Israel and New York, underscores his dedication to personally curating the finest diamonds for his clientele.

Beyond his business acumen, Lance's reputation as a diamond expert is underscored by his extensive involvement in industry organizations such as the Rappaport Diamond Network and Jewelers Board of Trade, where he has served for over a decade. This involvement not only highlights his deep understanding of the diamond market but also underscores his commitment to upholding industry standards and ethics.

At Shapiro Diamonds, Lance's philosophy revolves around creating bespoke pieces that reflect the unique essence of each client. By eschewing mass production in favor of personalized service, Lance ensures that every engagement ring and bridal set crafted by his team is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. This commitment to individuality extends to his belief that every diamond should be as unique as the love it symbolizes.

Central to Lance's ethos is his unwavering dedication to quality and brilliance. By continuously seeking out the most exceptional diamonds on the market and pushing the boundaries of design in his Dallas showroom and custom design studio, Lance ensures that every Shapiro Diamond piece embodies unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship.

In essence, Lance Shapiro's legacy is defined by his relentless pursuit of perfection in the diamond industry and his unwavering commitment to creating timeless treasures that capture the essence of love and beauty.


Jeweler in Dallas Texas Kendra Shapiro
Kendra Shapiro
Jewelry Designer and Creative Director

Kendra Shapiro's journey is marked by her innate passion for design and her keen sense of style, which she has cultivated through education and experience. Graduating from Southern Methodist University, Kendra's academic background laid the foundation for her love of high-end design and marketing, which she further honed through her corporate roles in leading firms.

However, it was Kendra's true passion for both business ownership and design that led her to join forces with Lance Shapiro to establish Shapiro Diamonds. As the Owner and Jewelry Design of the company, Kendra's multifaceted role encompasses everything from client collaboration and custom design to overseeing the entire jewelry manufacturing process.

Kendra's creative prowess shines through in her ability to translate her clients' visions into exquisite jewelry pieces that surpass their expectations. Her dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of her work, from the initial design concepts to the meticulous execution of the final piece. Moreover, Kendra's expertise extends to high-end digital jewelry photography, ensuring that each creation is captured in its best light.

In addition to her design responsibilities, Kendra plays a pivotal role in the marketing and promotion of Shapiro Diamonds. Leveraging her skills in marketing and social media, she spearheads the company's efforts to connect with clients and showcase their stunning creations to a wider audience. Her strategic approach has garnered recognition for Shapiro Diamonds in the diamond and bridal industry, with their designs featured in prestigious publications and editorial bridal photoshoots.

Kendra's commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends and techniques in jewelry design is evident in her and Lance's frequent overseas trips. By immersing themselves in the global jewelry landscape, they ensure that Shapiro Diamonds remains at the forefront of innovation and creativity in the industry.

In essence, Kendra Shapiro's contributions to Shapiro Diamonds are invaluable, as her passion for design, business acumen, and commitment to excellence drive the company's success and reputation as a leader in the diamond and bridal industry.