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Shapiro Diamonds is a well-known and highly-respected jewelry design team in Dallas, Texas. Lance and Kendra Shapiro have gained respect in the diamond industry world-wide, having created more than 20,000 custom diamond rings in the Dallas Fort Worth area alone, gaining an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, receiving multiple 5-Star reviews on Yelp and Google and serving for more than ten years as a member of the Rappaport Diamond Network and Jewelers Board of Trade. Extensive experience in the international diamond market has given Lance and Kendra Shapiro an intimate understanding of the diamond industry and the techniques to recognize and select the most brilliant diamonds in the market today. The diamond showroom and custom design studio has on-site master craftsmen and jewelry artisans creating some of the world’s finest jewelry pieces.


Jeweler in Dallas Texas Lance Shapiro

Lance Shapiro
Diamond Expert and Jewelry Designer

Born in Johannesburg South Africa, Lance Shapiro has been exposed to the diamond business all of his life. His family history in the diamond market stems from his great grandfather’s diamond business started over 60 years ago. His close-knit connection to the DeBeers diamond cartel provided him the network to begin wholesale diamond operations in the US.

Lance immigrated to the US in 1986, was educated in Dallas, and soon after established US operations of Shapiro Diamonds, a wholesale diamond company. With affiliates in Tel Aviv, Belgium and South Africa, he has a direct brokering channel to the EU, and provides international diamond access to his clientele base of jewelry stores and private individuals. Lance takes frequent trips to Israel and New York, sourcing and buying diamonds in the exclusive international Diamond Districts.

Lance Shapiro is well-known and highly-respected in the diamond industry world-wide, having served for more than ten years as a member of the Rappaport Diamond Network and Jewelers Board of Trade. His extensive experience in the international diamond market has given him an intimate understanding of the diamond industry and the techniques to recognize and select the most brilliant diamonds in the market today. Today, Shapiro Diamonds is a custom jeweler with a Diamond Showroom and Custom Design Studio in Dallas. The boutique is located in Lincoln Center, at 635 and the Dallas Tollway, in the lobby of the Hilton hotel. The company specializes in diamond engagement rings and bridal sets. All of the pieces created are custom designed originals, ensuring that no two rings are exactly alike. Their belief is that no two couples are exactly alike, so no two engagement rings should be exactly alike. Although they’ve had multiple chances for growth and expansion of the business, they’ve elected not to hire salespeople – instead they’ve chosen to keep the company small and intimate, making sure they are able to personally work with each and every client.

Lance Shapiro says: “I’ve always felt a profound responsibility to the women who wear the pieces I create. That means never ceasing to locate the most brilliant diamonds available in the market. I am committed to raising the bar every day in our design studio, so that when a woman wears her Shapiro Diamond piece, she (and everyone else in the room) will know that she wears a truly beautiful work of art that sparkles with her every move”.


Kendra Shapiro
Jewelry Designer and Creative Director

Jeweler in Dallas Texas Kendra Shapiro

Kendra Shapiro was born with a passion for design and intuitive sense of style. Kendra graduated from Southern Methodist University where she refined her love for high-end design and marketing. After working as a corporate executive in marketing for a major Big 5 Accounting firm and Fortune 500 Retail companies, she followed her true passion for business ownership and design by joining Lance to create Shapiro Diamonds.

As Owner and Jewelry Design of Shapiro Diamonds, Kendra works with clients to custom design their jewelry pieces, guides all manages the jewelry manufacturing process from initial designs to the completed jewelry piece, and oversees custom design requests, and does all high-end digital jewelry photography.  She also handles all the marketing, social media and website efforts for the company.

Kendra’s incredible talents lie in a flair for high fashion, an eye for timeless design and an unending desire to exceed her clients’ highest expectations. Kendra is well-known in the diamond and bridal industry for creating some of the most beautiful and unique engagement rings ever designed. She frequently leads and styles editorial bridal photoshoots which have been published in major publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Wedding Sparrow, Grey Likes Weddings, Ruffled Blog, and Brides of North Texas.

Kendra and Lance take frequent trips overseas, ensuring they are always on the cutting edge of the latest jewelry design techniques, trends and styles.