Cushion Cut Diamonds in Dallas

This stunning diamond is known as many different titles including…a cushion diamond, a cushion cut diamond, a cushion shape diamond or even a pillow shape diamond. All of them equal one thing: a stunning diamond.

If you’re in looking for the perfect cushion cut diamond, let Shapiro Diamonds in Dallas help you find the perfect one. The purchase of a diamond – especially in light of the special occasions that these stones typically signify – should be approached with an expert on your side.

What is a Cushion Diamond?

The cushion cut diamond combines a square cut diamond with a round cut diamond. This diamond shape has straight sides with rounded corners. This creates a pillow or cushion-like shape (hence the name). This diamond shape has been around for almost 200 years and it is considered an antique and vintage diamond shape. For the first century of its existence, the shape was the most popular diamond shape and was the go-to, standard diamond shape, similar to round cut today. This diamond shape has brilliant faceting, much like round diamonds, but with straight edges and rounded corners.

Where to Find the Best Cushion Diamonds in Dallas

Cushion cut diamonds are not readily available from many jewelers due to their rarity. Although they are increasing in popularity, they still are not cut at the frequency as round diamonds, princess cut diamonds or even emerald cut diamonds. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find this shape diamond in local jewelry stores. Due to their rarity, it is essential to not just locate a cushion cut diamond, but to purchase this shape diamond from a dealer that possesses a high and long standing reputation in the diamond industry such as Shapiro Diamonds. We have access to the largest collection of cushion diamonds in Dallas and on the international diamond markets. Generally clients can expect to see between four and ten loose diamonds during a scheduled appointment with us. Call us today so that we can prepare a beautiful collection of diamonds within your diamond cut, diamond carat weight, diamond color and diamond clarity and diamond shape to show you.

Cushion Brilliant vs Cushion Modified Brilliant Diamonds

Cushion shaped diamonds also come in two diamond cut options, as classified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) – the largest and most respected independent diamond gradating laboratory in the diamond industry today. This shape diamond is classified as either “Cushion Brilliant” or “Cushion Modified Brilliant”. Their effect on a stone’s appearance is fairly minimal. The only thing that really differentiates between the two is history. Cushion Brilliant are the cutting styles that have been around longer while the Modified Cushions are simply modern variations on the original cut facet patterns. The cutting styles evolved as cutting techniques became more advanced. You may have heard that you should buy a cushion brilliant if you want a “chunky-looking” diamond and you need to buy a cushion modified brilliant if you want a “crushed ice” looking diamond, however this is not truly accurate. We believe you should look at each diamond individually, unmounted, side by side, and determine the best diamond for you. Each diamond has its own individual appearance, like a fingerprint, and you should see each diamond personally to determine which one appeals to you the most.

About the Cushion Shape Diamond

Unlike the round diamond, there is no such thing as an ideal cut cushion diamond. This shape diamond’s standards tend to vary more than many of the other diamond shapes. The ideal cut cushion cut diamond is truly up the buyer. Here, personal preference should really be the bottom line determinant of choice. While one buyer may prefer a perfectly square shaped diamond, another buyer may prefer an elongated or rectangular shaped diamond. Both diamonds are beautiful and correct. They are simply two different diamond ratios. An example of a square shape diamond will have a length to width ratio of 1.00 – 1.00 while an example of a rectangular shaped stone will have a length to width ratio of 1.00 – 1.30. Both are beautiful and correct – it is simply a matter of personal preference and style.

Best Settings for Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut diamonds are very frequently set in four prong solitaires. Because of their beauty and elegance, this diamond shape doesn’t need extra diamonds or elaborate settings to enhance its beauty. A four prong solitaire setting will securely hold and protect cushion diamond without blocking the light and will maximize the brilliance and fire of the diamond shape.

This diamond shape also look incredibly lovely in diamond halo settings. A diamond halo is a ring of smaller diamonds set on the outer rim or edge of the main stone. Halo engagement rings often double or triple the visual size of the center stone making it look much larger in carat weight than in actually is. A diamond halo is a great option if you are on a limited budget or have selected a cushion shaped center stone that is smaller than a .75 carat weight.

Contemporary cushion cut styles sometimes use a bezel setting which wraps around the entire diamond. This type of setting is sleek and clean-lined and secures the diamond very well in the setting. However, this type of setting can block the light from reaching a diamond – reducing the brilliance of the stone.

We also suggest shared prong and three stone setting styles for this shaped diamond engagement rings. They create stunning engagement rings that sparkle from every angle.

Who Likes Cushion Diamond Engagement Rings?

Cushion cut diamond rings have their own unique and elegant style which is very reminiscent of days gone by. This diamond shape is one of the oldest types of diamond shapes – well over 300 years old! Cushion cut diamond rings were one of the most popular styles from the early 1800s to the early 1900s. The soft edges of this gem have the ability to capture and reflect a rainbow of candlelight colors, and this cut was originally created to shimmer by the light of the candle. Today, this diamond is a top favorite with couples looking for vintage style engagement rings. Without a doubt, the woman who likes the cushion cut diamond engagement ring is a true romantic at heart. She is a woman who loves romance and tradition and who is intrigued with the history behind diamonds and their symbolism and past.

A Cushion Cut’s Fire

A well-cut cushion shape diamond has a tremendous amount of fire and brilliance. This “fire” we are talking about is the magnificent rainbow-like display caused by refraction of light. You want the stone to come to life in a flash, sparkling back at you when you move the cushion cut engagement ring. Your diamond must also be alive with the reflection of white light commonly called brilliance. This shape, (also known as pillow cuts) were originally made to sparkle and shimmer under the flickering flames of candlelight. The shape is beloved for its ability to disperse light – an effect which sometimes creates a soft captivating kaleidoscope rainbow of colors.

Things to Consider When Buying a Diamond

One of the primary features that will determine the overall look and sparkle of a diamond is its cut. This, coupled with the stone’s color, clarity, and carat weight, will combine to complete the total package. It is also what can give a diamond its own unique personality – an essential consideration when matching a stone to its wearer.

The cushion cut diamond is known for being both traditional and modern at the same time. The personalities that are typically most attracted to this particular diamond shape are those who are very special in having both of these traits. This makes the cushion cut diamond one of the most famous and beloved stones in the diamonds in Dallas today.

To find quality engagement rings, stick with diamonds that come with independent diamond certifications from a top diamond certification laboratory. The best and most highly respected laboratories for diamond certifications include the GIA or EGL. Shapiro Diamonds only carries diamonds with certifications from one of these diamond grading two laboratories.

Keeping Both Price and Quality in Mind

There are many elements that factor into purchasing the perfect diamond for a special person. In seeking that fine line between quality and budget, it is essential to have an expert diamond dealer on your side. At Shapiro Diamonds in Dallas, you will not just find wholesale pricing on the best cushion diamonds in Dallas, but also the personal attention and customer service that you’d expect when making this important, once in a lifetime, purchase. Call us today to set up your appointment to view the best cushion cut diamonds in Dallas.

Wholesale Diamonds in Dallas

Shapiro Diamonds is an International Market Buyer of diamonds, and purchases diamonds directly from the international market dealers. We have the largest inventory of wholesale diamonds in Dallas. We have unlimited access the international diamond markets. We pass these savings along to the end user. You won’t find a larger collection of loose cut diamonds in Dallas than at Shapiro Diamonds. Generally clients can expect to see between four and ten loose diamonds during a scheduled appointment with us. This is far more selection than you’ll find at a retail jewelry store or other diamond dealer in Dallas. Because of our wholesale diamond connections, we’ll be able to offer you the best prices on diamonds in Dallas. Contact or Call us today to view the best diamonds in Dallas.