Modern Diamond Rings

Modern Engagement Rings Dallas

Modern engagement rings are characterized by sleek, clean-line and minimalist design elements. These rings are chic and unique. A contemporary ring design can be the perfect symbol of your modern love story.

What is a Modern Engagement Ring?

Modern engagement rings are bold and distinctive – often sculpted like pieces of fine art. The ring is often fluid, sleek and eye-catching. The modern engagement ring respectfully builds on traditional ideas while still inspiring individuality. This results in incredible beauty that is entirely unforgettable.

What does a Modern Engagement Ring Look Like?

There are four different ring styles that fall within the Modern Ring Style. These ring styles are distinctive, angular and unique – just the way contemporary design should.

  • Step Cut Diamonds (asscher cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds)

This sleek, clean-line diamond lends itself to a modern flair.

  • Open Air Design

The fluid design of an open shank suggests movement and uniqueness.

  • Diamond Detail

Creatively set side diamonds provide a unique streamlined design.

  • Wide Shank

The wide design shank suggests boldness and distinction.

Who likes Modern Engagement Rings?

Women who appreciate fashion-forward style would appreciate a contemporary engagement ring. Those who appreciate sculptural forms, art and the non-traditional would love a modern engagement ring. This look is certainly not for the wallflower. The look is distinctive, angular and unique. This ring style usually goes best with princess cut diamonds, asscher cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds and often round cut diamonds.

Contemporary vs Modern Rings

There are a myriad of styles that could be defined as modern or contemporary – these styles could be bold or delicate, dramatic or understated. Below are three particular rings that we see rapidly rising in popularity. It is important to keep in mind that good design should be strong enough to stand the test of time. And you should love the design no matter how long you own the piece.

Twist Engagement Rings

Twist shaped engagement rings have become increasingly popular in recent years. This style engagement ring includes a shank that flows up to a center stone then twists around it, forming one organic shape. The shape often flows into a diamond halo. The twist engagement rings are often asymmetrical. One side of the twist is often bitter, or twists further to create a balanced design.

Tension Engagement Rings

Tension engagement rings are also stunningly beautiful and very modern. Tension setting is a setting style when compression is used to hold the center diamond in place, giving the appearance that the diamond is suspended in midair.

Modern Solitaire Engagement Ring

Not all solitaries are like. You can choose to go bold, contemporary and unique and make a statement with a custom modern solitaire like this one.  Although solitaire ring is comprised of a single center diamond mounted in a plain band, the shape, metal type and finish can make an enormous statement in style.

Why Buy a Modern Engagement Ring in Dallas?

No doubt about it – Dallas has always been on the cutting edge of style. And this fact is no different when it comes to jewelry. When choosing an engagement ring, you want to pick a style that best matches her personality and fashion sense. The modern engagement ring is perfect for the contemporary couple because they offer a fresh spin on the tradition of engagement.

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