Princess Cut Diamonds in Dallas

This gorgeous diamond can be known as many things…a princess diamond, a princess cut diamond, a princess shape diamond, modified square brilliant or even a brilliant square diamond. All of them equal one thing: a beautiful and bold diamond.

If you’re in the process of seeking the perfect princess cut diamond in Dallas, let Shapiro Diamonds in Dallas be your guide. There are a number of different criteria that factor in to creating the perfect diamond, so it’s essential to get advice from long-standing diamond experts and jewelry designers in Dallas.

What Is a Princess Diamond?

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) defines a princess cut diamond as a diamond with “a square brilliant cut and four sides of equal length”. This means that princess cut diamond must have two defining aspects.

The first aspect is brilliant cut faceting. Brilliant faceting is a cutting and polishing technique that turns an unpolished, rough stone into the beautiful sparkling diamonds you wear. A brilliant stone includes numerous facets cut in a particular form with so as to have exceptional brilliance, fire, scintillation and sparkle. The shape resembles that of a cone and provides maximized light return through the top of the diamond.

The second aspect of a princess cut diamond is angled, 90 degree corners. The combination of four straight sides, and four 90 degree angled corners, creating a four sided stone. The ideal princess diamond would be a perfect square stone. However, some princess cut diamonds can have a slightly rectangular shape. Both perfectly square and slightly rectangular diamonds are acceptable and beautiful. Perfectly square princess shapes are generally the more desired shape.

Who Likes Princess Diamonds?

Since the emergence of the modern princess-cut diamond, it’s become wildly popular for both the younger bride as well as the mature woman looking to upgrade. Its wide popularity lends itself to a wide range of jewelry design styles, from the vintage-inspired to the modern to more traditional. The square cut has definitely become a more modern-day take on the look for engagement rings.

Virtually any woman may be attracted to this shape of diamond, but those who prefer simplicity and a modern shape are probably more likely to choose the princess shape. Women with long, slender fingers are well-suited for this diamond, as the square shape balances the long vertical lines of the fingers. With its modern, clean, square shape and brilliant, light-reflective qualities, this gorgeous stone would be loved and well received by any woman.

Celebrities state-side and abroad have chosen the princess diamond for their recent engagements. When Prince Charles proposed to Camilla Parker Bowles, he gave her with a this diamond shape with three baguettes along each side of the center stone. Pop-rocker like Ashlee Simpson also loves the versatility of the this diamond shape as well. Her Pete Wentz gave her an engagement ring with a 5.00 carat center stone in a bezel setting, where the gem is completely surrounded by the metal of the band, and the stone is flush with the band. The ring is vintage-inspired. When pop star Britney Spears became engaged to Kevin Federline, she opted for a 5.50 carat princess shaped diamond, with a pave setting along the bands. This gorgeous setting style shows no metal – all bling!

What is the Best Setting for a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

The princess-cut truly looks great in any setting style. The diamond looks fantastic in a solitaire setting, with the square shape diamond set with four prongs on top of a plain band. This draws the eye toward the diamond creates a beautiful highlight for the main diamond. The solitaire setting allows light to go through the entire diamond, maximizing its brilliance. This is the traditional engagement ring style.

Princess-cut diamonds are also often set with side or accent diamonds. Smaller diamonds accenting a larger center diamond is a popular setting, as well as placing the center stone with two trillion cut side diamonds. We’ve created this setting both a diamond halo and without a diamond halo. Both ways is stunning!

Among the most popular settings for a princess-cut ring is a large center stone set on a band of shared-prong set or pave-set diamonds. Both setting styles are lovely and accent the square stone perfectly, without overpowering it. In both cases, the entire look creates a great deal of fire and sparkle from both the diamond and the setting on the hand.

One note to consider regardless of preferred setting, when creating a setting for the princess-cut diamond, one should be certain that sharp corners are rather protected by the v-tip prongs. The exposed corners of the diamond chip if not properly protected.

The Ideal Princess Cut Diamond

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has stated that there is not enough an industry consensus or empirical data to specify cut grading standards for princess cut diamonds. Accordingly, the GIA does not give a cut grade to princess cut diamonds the way it does with round cut diamonds. Because of this, your own personal preference should dictate to some degree which diamond shape you like best. As such, when selecting your ideal diamond, the appearance and visual sparkle you see when looking at the stone becomes extremely important. Like other fancy shape diamonds, princess diamonds cannot be judged solely by the numbers on the certificate. It is best to see the stones in person and side by side in comparison to other diamonds. You should look for pleasing, graceful, and symmetrical princess cut diamonds that sparkle and high scintillation when you view them. Only you will know if this diamond and shape is right for you and your loved one.

The Princess Shape’s Popularity and Rarity

Recent years have noticed the rise in popularity of the square cut diamond. The princess cut is a somewhat new diamond cut, having been created in the mid-1960s. The shape has gained in popularity in recent years as a distinctive alternative to the more popular round cut diamond. The popularity includes all versions of square diamonds including radiant cut diamonds, asscher cut diamonds and even cushion cut diamonds – all which can fall into the square diamond shape. However, the princess will always remain the true squarest of the all. This jewel currently ranks #3 among those shopping for a diamond engagement ring. This shape is the third most popular cut shape for diamonds, next to a round brilliant and cushion cut.

The Importance of a Princess Diamond’s Cut

When referring to diamonds, people will often use the term cut and shape interchangeably. However, these two words should not be confused. The word shape actually describes the outline formation of the diamond. The shape of the diamond rarely has any impact on the sparkle, brilliance or fire given off by the diamond (with the exception of step cut diamonds such as asscher shape diamonds and emerald shape diamonds, which have a lower level of sparkle due to faceting structure).

The cut of a diamond is the most important factor of the Four Cs of diamonds – cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Cut determines the amount of brilliance, fire and sparkle from a diamond. A well-cut diamond will bounce light into the diamond and repel it back out to the viewer, extracting as much radiance from the stone as possible. A poorly-cut diamond (such as too deep or too shallow) will allow light fall-through the bottom of the diamond, minimizing the sparkle from the diamond, causing it to look flat and lifeless. It is important to purchase the best cut diamond your budget can afford.

Why Buy a Princess Cut Diamond?

There are many benefits to selecting a princess cut diamond. First, they are very popular and loved by almost every woman. If you are unsure of which shape to purchase your bride-to-be-, you can almost never go wrong with this shape diamond. The diamond shape has a youthful and elegant shape that no one can seem to resist. One diamond shape that appeals to many couples – especially young couples – is the square-shape princess-cut diamond.

As we’ve discussed, a princess cut diamond is typically a four-sided square (although there are some that can be more of a rectangular shape). For buyers who are budget conscious, princess diamond will typically have a slightly lower price per carat than round diamonds of equal quality.

Round diamonds are the most popular shape and are in highest demand. The higher the demand, the higher the market demand is. By choosing a less popular shape, you are given more loose diamonds to choose from and are able to maximize your dollars to get more diamond for your dollar.

The four-sided pyramid shape on the princess cut stone is somewhat similar to one-half of an octahedron rough stone. Because of this, two similarly sized princess stones can more easily be cut from the same rough stone with very little amount of waste. Thanks to this efficiency, the princess cut can be offered for less.

Carat for carat, the “crown” surface area on a princess cut diamond is approximately 10% less than a round cut diamond that is of the same weight. This allows for the top corner to corner measurement of the princess cut being 15% greater than a same weight round cut diamond diameter. All this technical talk means one thing to the buyer and wear, the princess diamond will give off the illusion of being larger in size than it actually is.

Why Consider the Princess Shape?

The princess cut can be a good choice for those who love the fire of the traditional round cut diamond – considered to be the standard cut for diamond engagement rings – but yet are seeking something just a bit different. While most square simply can’t live up to the round diamond’s sparkle, the princess cut was actually designed for obtaining the maximum amount of brilliance from a square cut shape. When considering the different options for the square cut diamond, will typically come the closest to achieving both the fire and the brilliance of a round diamond. This can make the princess a good choice for an appearance that truly sparkles.

Best Beauty and Value in the Princess Shape

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime event. As such, it is important to select best quality possible while still staying within your desired budget. Through our international network of diamond wholesales, diamond miners, diamond cutters and industry leaders, Shapiro Diamonds provides the most beautiful diamond inventory and custom engagement rings at wholesale diamond prices. During your diamond consultation, you’ll view a large collection of loose diamonds within your planned budget, in a wide range of diamond qualities and sizes. This will allow you to balance to Four Cs of diamond quality to find the best balance of all factors for you. By seeing a large collection of diamonds side by side, unmounted, you’ll be able adequately compare all the factors and find the best diamond for you. This is the best way to select the best beauty and value in the princess shape diamond.

Beauty at an Affordable Price

There are numerous factors to consider before settling on the ideal diamond. Purchases such as this can be made much easier when working with a diamond expert who can lead you through the process, keeping your unique preferences and budget in mind. For those who are seeking the right diamond for a special someone, let Shapiro Diamonds be your guide. Years of experience in the diamond industry has made Shapiro Diamonds a leader in the field. Personal attention, coupled with wholesale diamonds pricing in Dallas, can make your diamond buying experience fun and enjoyable.

Where to Find the Best Princess Shape Diamond in Dallas

When seeking the perfect diamond in Dallas, Shapiro Diamonds is the ideal choice to guide you through the process. Typically, choosing a diamond, especially one for a diamond engagement ring, will be the biggest decision of a person’s life. Therefore, getting just the right diamond shape and engagement ring setting style can make all the difference in the world. Call Shapiro Diamonds today to view our collection of princess shape diamonds in Dallas. We’ll show you the biggest collection of loose diamonds at the most affordable wholesale diamonds in Dallas prices. We look forward to meeting you soon.