Emerald Cut Diamonds in Dallas

This elegant diamond can be known as many things…an emerald diamond, an emerald cut diamond, an emerald shape diamond or even a step-cut rectangular diamond. All of them equal one thing: a truly beautiful diamond.

If you’re in the process of seeking the perfect emerald diamond in Dallas, let Shapiro Diamonds in Dallas be your guide. There are a number of different criteria that factor in to creating the perfect diamond, so it’s essential to get advice from long-standing diamond experts and jewelry designers in Dallas.

What is an Emerald Diamond?

The Emerald cut diamond is a rectangular shape diamond with a step cut faceting. It includes angled corners and rows of pavilion and crown facets that run parallel to the girdle. The emerald cut diamond produces a “sheets of glass” type effect as you look down into the diamond. The Emerald-Cut diamond is named so because this style of cut was originally used only on emeralds. It is called a step-cut, which is the cut most commonly used on square or rectangular diamonds. This shape of diamond is a very popular style known for its beauty and precision. While it lacks the brilliance of diamonds such as round cut and cushion cut, this diamond more than makes up for it in its extreme beauty.

An Emerald Cut’s Sparkle

As may be evident by the name, the “emerald cut” was originally developed for cutting emeralds, not diamonds. It was soon discovered that this type of polishing technique was also suitable for other stones, including diamonds. The emerald cut diamond can be absolutely breathtaking. Because of its long lines, it tends to be less brilliant and sparkly than a round cut, but it also tends to have broader, more dramatic flashes of light. The long lines of emerald cut diamonds lend an elegant, sophisticated air to both the simplest and most elaborate ring settings. Rather than give off the bright sparkle of a brilliant cut, the emerald cut instead produces a “hall of mirrors” appearance that plays off of both its light and dark planes. Even though this shaped diamond tends to be somewhat less “fiery,” its long lines, coupled with its corresponding flashes of light, will give this diamond shape a very elegant appeal.

Who Likes Emerald Cut Diamonds?

The emerald cut diamond has long been considered a classic. The unique look of this particular diamond shape is created through the step cuts of the stone’s pavilion, along with its large and open table. These diamonds are elongated and rectangular in shape. This means emerald cut engagement rings give the illusion of longer and more slender fingers. This shape diamond would be flattering and appealing to any woman looking for a larger appearing diamond. The average 1.00 carat emerald cut diamond has 5% greater surface area than a 1.00 carat round diamond. If all else were the same, the top surface of an emerald cut diamond will look larger than the round diamond. These shaped diamonds are appealing to any woman who is classic, sophisticated and elegant in her style. This beautiful diamond cut can go either vintage or modern, depending on the engagement ring they are set in. The emerald cut’s clean, modern lines are typically loved by those who are efficient and driven, and often times those who serve in prominent leadership roles.

Best Emerald Cut Diamonds in Dallas

If you are seeking the perfect emerald cut diamond in Dallas, Shapiro Diamonds can help every step of the way. Having a good understanding regarding the different diamond shapes, diamond cuts, and other pertinent factors is crucial because when combined, these factors will make up the diamond’s overall appearance, beauty, sparkle and value. Making a diamond purchase requires tenured diamond knowledge, detail, and personal attention, something that is oftentimes overlooked by the large jewelry store chains. However this is simply not the case at Shapiro Diamonds. We are specialists in selecting and offering the best wholesale diamonds in Dallas. This includes loose emerald cut diamonds and creating custom diamond engagement rings.

Because we are an international market buyer of loose diamonds, we have access to the best diamonds in Dallas and on the international diamond markets. You’ll be able to see the largest collection of loose diamonds at our diamond showroom. Our clients can expect to see between four and ten loose diamonds within their budget and quality specifications during a scheduled appointment with us. This is far more selection than you’ll find at a retail jewelry store or other diamond dealer in Dallas. Because of our wholesale diamond connections, we’ll be able to offer you the best prices on emerald diamonds in Dallas. Call us today to view our diamond collection.

Why Consider a Diamond’s Cut?

A diamond’s cut is essentially one of the most important features on the stone. This, coupled with a diamond’s clarity, carat weight, and color, can have an impact on not only the shape and style, but also with the diamond’s “personality.” Emerald cuts do not a have cut grade defined by the GIA so it is often up to the buyer to view several diamonds side by side to determine which stone is the right diamond for him or her. Additionally, each diamond can vary from nearly a complete square to a narrow rectangle. The classic emerald cut diamond has a length to width ratio of around 1.50. The diamond shape looks most elegant at a ratio of 1.40 (or approximate range of 1.30 to 1.50) ratio. This outline emphasizes the beautiful parallel line facets and blocked corners. If you prefer the look of the square diamond, be sure to consider the asscher cut diamond, which has a very similar appearance to this shaped diamond.

Best Settings for Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut diamond looks beautiful in ornate engagement rings as well as simple solitaires. This stone is considered both vintage in style as well as modern so both styles are appropriate for settings. Four prong solitaire settings will allow maximum light to reach the diamond and reflect maximum light refraction and sparkle from the stone. Diamond halo engagement rings are very popular choices these days due to their ability to make the stone seem larger than it actually is. Finally, this classic shape also looks beautiful with side accent stones, in a three stone setting, although that setting style is often reserved for older brides or upgrades.

The only setting that doesn’t really show off this stone to its best advantage is a bezel setting. Because the metal surrounds the gem on all sides, it reduces the amount of light that can reach the diamond and refract through the facets. This can cause the gem to look a bit dull and lifeless.

Emerald Cut Diamond Clarity

Because an emerald cut diamond accentuates a stone’s clarity more than any other cut, it’s very important to go with the highest grade of diamond you can afford. While some diamond cuts are forgiving when it comes to clarity, this shape diamond will show virtually every flaw due to its large, open facets. Brilliant cut diamonds including round cuts, cushion cuts and princess cuts will often disguise flaws in the imperfections in the SI1 clarity grade, emerald shape diamonds require clarity grades in the VS2 or higher to hide their imperfections. Alternatively, imperfections may be on the edge of the diamond and may be placed under a prong when set into the mounting.

The Most Beautiful Emerald Cut Diamond

When looking at the most beautiful emerald cut diamonds, the gem will actually appear to have concentric rectangles as one looks down through the table. The most beautiful of the emerald cuts will possess very distinct panes, as well as multiple steps. These stones can give off a remarkable brightness, charm, and flashes of light. Shapiro Diamonds focuses on selecting only the most brilliant and most beautiful diamonds for our clients.

Obtaining Beauty at an Affordable Price

The purchase of the ideal diamond for that special someone should not be taken lightly. There are many factors involved, which is why you should have an expert on your side who considers your design style, quality preferences, and your budget.

If you’re making a diamond purchase and are in the Dallas area, let Shapiro Diamonds guide you to the right choice at the right price. Wholesale pricing, coupled with personal and professional service, can be the perfect combination when choosing that once in a lifetime cut diamond.