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Jewelers Lance Shapiro and Kendra Shapiro side by side Headshots

About Shapiro Diamonds

Celebrate Your Love

“Your love is completely unique. Your engagement ring should be as well.”
-Lance Shapiro

Diamond Sourcing

We source diamonds from all over the world to locate the most brilliant and beautiful stones on earth. Hand-picked, high-quality and perfectly matched.

True Custom Design

Work with a designer to create a custom ring that is designed specifically for you, incorporating your ideas into a one-of-a-kind ring that is truly unique.

On-Site Master Jewelers

Never mass-produced, our skilled artisans hand-make every piece right in Dallas, Texas. Our production facility allows us to wax, cast, set, and polish all of our pieces in house.

Diamond Ring Gallery

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Meet The Team

Lance Shapiro

Diamond Dealer and Jewelry Designer
A profound understanding of diamond and gemstones takes years to master. Lance Shapiro uses his 20 years of experience, unmatched expertise and deep connections to source the most beautiful diamonds in the market. Meet one-on-one with Lance to view a collection of diamonds and begin your design experience.

Kendra Shapiro

Jewelry Designer and Creative Director
With a background as unique as the jewelry she designs, Kendra Shapiro has emerged as one of the jewelry industry’s most innovative thinkers and designers. Meet one-on-one with Kendra to collaborate on a piece of jewelry that tells your love story.

CAD Team

Computer Aided Design
Our dedicated and professional CAD team utilizes the latest 3-D software and printing technology to create every Shapiro Diamonds jewelry piece. This skilled team gives us the tools and knowledge to innovate and improved virtually every aspect of the jewelry design process.

Diamond Setting Team

Master Craftsman and Jeweler
With over 40 years of experience, our master craftsmen and bench setters bring their meticulous skills to hand-crafting and setting every stone in Shapiro Diamonds jewelry piece. This ensures a true bespoke, one-of-a-kind jewelry piece for each client.

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