Three Stone Rings

Selecting a Three Stone Engagement Ring

Choosing engagement ring may be uncharted territory for most. Even though there’s a great amount of excitement heading into diamond ring shopping, it’s important research enough to ensure that the ring you choose will be the perfect symbolof the love you share with your future spouse. If you’re looking for a diamond ring that’s more glamourous than the classic diamond solitaire, the three-diamond engagement ring is a great option.

What is a Three Stone Diamond Ring? 

A three stone engagement ring (also known as a 3-stone ring or a past, present and future ring, or a trilogy ring) is a ring that includes three main stones. This most frequently includes one largest stone, then two matching, smaller stones set on the sides. These are most frequently diamonds, but can also include precious gemstones.Three-diamond engagement rings often have three major stones: a large center diamond and a smaller diamond to the left and to the right. They also may or may not have smaller accent stones on the band.

Who Likes Three Stone Engagement Rings?

While solitaires may be the ring of choice for traditional and classic engagement rings, multiple-stone rings are good choices for women who want a bigger, more impressive look on the hand. Three diamondengagement rings are not only glamourous and chic, they also offer a beautiful meaning. A three-gem ring represents and celebrates the love you share – your friendship, love, and fidelity. You may also find you may find that the enduring symbol of your true love comes in threes. 

What Shape Diamonds Go with Three Stone Rings? 

Typically speaking, all stones in three-stone diamond rings match one another’s shape. For example, all three diamonds are round in shape, or all three diamonds are square in shape. This is the traditional three-diamond ring. However, three stone rings can include a variety of mixed shapes. Mixing one shaped diamond with different shaped side diamonds can create a variety of looks. Trapezoid cut side diamonds look perfectly at home nesting beside a radiant cut diamond. Half-moon cut diamonds look gorgeous set beside this oval cut center diamond. The options for 3-stone diamond rings are endless and all gorgeous.

What Does a 3-Stone Engagement Ring Mean?

Another reason 3-stone engagement rings have been desirable is because of what they symbolize. Often referred to as trinity or trilogy rings, they have come to represent the past, present, and future of your relationship. They are also known to represent friendship, love, and fidelity. Both meanings are beautiful. If you are a couple who longs to have deeper, more personal meaning in your diamond ring choice, the three-jewel ring just may be the perfect choice for you.

How Much is a Three Stone Ring?

Because you can vary the carat weight and ratios of the stones, 3-Stone Engagement rings because can be a little lower in price than the traditional engagement ring. If you choose a gemstone for the center and diamonds for the side, the ring you buy will look just as beautiful as other rings and may also be a better fit for your budget. Another option would be to  select three diamonds to add up to 2.00 carats of total weight (rather than a single gem weighing 2.00 carats total weight) delivering the same carat weight as a solitaire yet costing far less. If you want the engagement ring you purchase to have glamour, personality, symbolism, and incredible beauty, the  3-Stone Engagement ring is an excellent choice.

Unique Three Diamond Rings

While most three-gem rings are set on plain, unadorned bands (also known in the jewelry industry as “shanks”), three stone rings can also be set onto bands that are highly decorated or adorned with other diamonds and accents. One option is to set smaller gems set into the band itself. Popular options include small, diamonds that trailing down the band, often pave-set, prong-set or channel-set. These diamonds can be round diamonds princess diamonds or even asscher diamonds. Another option is to have one or two diamonds on each side of the main stone, (often baguettes) that sit just below the main gem and almost look like rays of light shooting out from it. The band can be high-polished, hammered, brushed, engraved with swirls, filigree, milgrain or diamond-encrusted scrolls that create the look of antique or vintage engagement rings.With Shapiro Diamonds as your partner, the design possibilities are endless.

Using Color!Gemstone Three Stone Rings

If the bride wants to stand out from the crowd a bit moreor loves color and wants an engagement ring that is different, incorporating color gemstones stones may be a great option! This will be a great way to truly way to personalize her engagement ring. The three-diamond engagement ring creates options for creativity in designing the perfect symbol of your lasting commitment.

One popular engagement ring style is selecting one large white diamond between two smaller gemstonessuch as blue sapphires, red rubies, or green emeralds. In addition to color gemstones, one could consider fancy color diamonds. The side gems could be virtually any gems you like or that hold meaning for you. If the bride loves blue, sapphires may be the perfect choice for side stones. The birthstones of the both the bride and groom (or of the month you’re getting married) are also meaningful options for side stones.You could go with three diamonds or use a variation of your future spouse’s favorite gemstone or even her birthstone. The possibilities are endless, creative, fun and unique!

Halo Three Stone Rings

Believe it or not, halo settings are also frequently combined with 3 diamond settings. Combining a halo setting with the three diamond setting takes glamour over the top! This is done one of two ways – either a single halo is placed around all three gems, or three separate halos are placed around each individual stone. Our jewelry designers can help determine the best look for you and your stones. Halos work with virtually any shape of major stone. They also give the appearance of a larger stone and lend a vintage feel to a ring, yet have lasting and classic appeal.

The Best in Beauty and Value

Buying the perfect 3diamond engagement ring in Dallas is a one-time event. With that in mind, it is important to find the most beautiful ring while still obtaining it at a reasonable price. Through its international network of diamond industry leaders, Shapiro Diamonds in Dallas can provide you the most meticulous diamond inventory and gorgeous custom engagement rings at wholesale diamond prices. During your diamond consultation at our showroom, you’ll see a large collection of diamonds within your price range and budget, in a wide range of diamond colors, diamond cuts, diamond clarities and diamond carat weights. This will allow you to balance to Four Cs to find the best balance of all factors for you. Seeing the diamonds side by side, unmounted, is the only way to adequately compare all the factors. This is the way to find the best diamond in beauty and value for you. Give us a call today to view our collection of diamond rings in Dallas.