Pave Rings

Pave Diamond Rings Dallas

This beautiful setting style is known by many names including pave, pave-set, micro-pave and micropave. No matter the name, no one can argue that this setting style is incredibly sparkly, truly brilliant and eye-catching. This is the reason pave engagement rings are loved by so many women today. Pave is especially popular for custom engagement rings in Dallas.

What is Pave?

Like a tiny metal honeycomb, small diamonds are placed very close together in tiny holes of the metal frame. All you see is diamonds since no metal is visible to the eye. The gemstones on a pave ring are set as close together as possible so that little or no metal is shown. The encrusted diamonds give the band the appearance of a solid diamond surface. This setting style is achieved when small diamonds are made flush with the surface of the band, no metal or diamonds protruding. If super-sparkle is what you’re after, this design could be the perfect choice.This setting reflects quality, elegance, and the ultimate brilliance.

What Does Pave Ring Look Like?

This setting style allows light to bounce off the table and facets of the diamonds without any interference from the metal prongs holding the diamonds in place. The prongs holding the diamonds in place are so tiny that they are barely visible, or ideally invisible. This light reflects off the many facets of the small diamonds creating a continuous surface of shimmer and sparkle. The radiance is interrupted. This setting type is preferred for engagement rings and diamond rings.

How is Pave Made?

Shapiro Diamonds uses 3-D CAD software technology to create virtual renderings of the custom-made pave design prior to casting. However, these renderings do not reflect or render the tiny prongs or that hold the pave-set diamonds in place. Instead, our diamond expert hand-selects each diamond to match perfectly in color and clarity and our diamond setter meticulously builds each prong by hand as each diamond is set into its place.  This process is very labor intensive and requires master level diamond setters.The goal of pave is to have as little metal showing as possible, so that the brilliance of the stones can be clearly seen. The setting may be found on only one side of the ring, or it may wrap around three sides – a popular option for diamond rings in Dallas.However, this process delivers the highest quality micropave setting possible.

While the style of pave set diamonds goes back to the earliest days of jewelry making, a pave engagement ring coming from the hands of a master jeweler at Shapiro Diamonds can make for some of the most breathtakingly beautiful and stunningly intricate diamond rings.

Pave vs MicroPave?

The terms Pave and Micropave, are used interchangeably, and are often confused. However, there is a distinct difference between the two. Pave has become a generic word used to describe any ring that is set with small diamonds. However, in short, this setting style generally uses larger diamonds than micropave. Both setting styles require a very skilled setter and a microscope to set the diamonds. The easiest way to determine the difference between pave and micro-pave is to see the ring or jewelry piece in person, rather than take the time to explain the various different techniques of pave setting styles and methods.

History of the Pave?

The word “Pave” and “MicroPave” derives its name the French word meaning “paved” or “cobblestoned”. It’s not a surprise that this unique setting style looks like brick pave stones placed very tightly together. The paved path represents the entertained steps you and your loved one have taken together in your journey of lovetogether. We love not only the beauty behind pave diamond rings, but also the meaning behind this beautiful diamond ring settings style.

What Shape Diamonds Go with Pave?

Pave and micro-pave is created using round diamonds. Round cut stones are the only shape stones that will fit into the metal honeycomb design which creates the pave. However, the pave shank (also known as the band) can be combined with any size and shape center stone diamond or gemstone. Shapiro Diamonds often combine pave with cushion diamonds, radiant diamonds, princess diamonds and pear shape diamonds. Additionally, pave can be combined with diamond halos and prong settings styles. The options for micropave diamond rings are as endless as your imagination.

What are the Disadvantages of Pave Settings

There are some risks associated with this beautiful setting style. Pave is not the most secure and stable way to hold diamonds in place. Stones are prone to falling out than other settings styles, such as channel-set and bezel-set. If you select a this style of diamond ring, there is a good chance you will lose a stone or two over the course of a lifetime, even with the best setting techniques in the world. When you enjoy a piece of jewelry, stones may become dislodged if the ring bumps against a hard or sharp surface – even with careful wear. Even modern cleaning techniques such as ultrasonic and steam cleaners can dislodge micro pave-set stones.

With that said, well-made micro pave, when cared for, can give many years of problem-free wear. At Shapiro Diamonds we have a comprehensive guarantee policy for added peace of mind and assurance. Shapiro Diamonds replaces all pave diamonds for our clients at no charge for the lifetime of the ring.

What Quality of Diamonds are Used?

Shapiro Diamonds uses collection very high-quality diamonds in our pave diamond rings and jewelry. Our pave diamonds include Excellent Cut, Color and Clarity. Our diamond expert hand-selects each diamond to match perfectly to one another and to the center stone chosen (if any). This ensures a fluid, consistent, color and sparkle level throughout the jewelry piece.

Pave diamonds are not large in size and generally measure 0.50 mm to 1.20mm. The diamonds themselves are relatively inexpensive, however often a ring will contain hundreds of these stones.Consequently the labor costs to set the diamonds can cause micro-pave to be exclusive and a more expensive option for buyers.

The Best Pave Engagement Rings in Dallas

The finest pave engagement rings in Dallas can only be achieved by a select few master jewelers. The master jewelers at Shapiro Diamonds set the pave diamonds under very high magnification, resulting in an exquisite dance of colors as light reflects off the diamonds from all angles. At Shapiro Diamonds, we have created thousands of engagement rings. The examples shown here give you some idea of the huge variation in designs and gemstone layouts available. However, we would love to create your one-of-a-kind engagement ringsin Dallas. Contact us for a free design consultation and to discuss your options and view a range of diamonds or gemstones handpicked especially for you.

Where to Find the Best Diamonds in Dallas

When searching for the perfect diamond, it should be expected that the dealer you choose will not just walk you through the purchase, but will also help you to stay within your planned budget. If you’re seeking both high quality and value in your diamond purchase, along with an excellent collection of custom-designed settings, consider Shapiro Diamonds in Dallas.

Shapiro Diamonds provides buyers with a wide selection of settings, diamond shapes, qualities and setting styles to choose from. This, coupled with personal attention from an expert in the diamond industry, will move you towards the best cut, shape, and style for this once in a lifetime purchase.