Radiant Cut Diamonds in Dallas

This lovely and elegant diamond is known as many different titles including…a radiant diamond, a radiant cut diamond, a radiant shape diamond or even a Cut Cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant diamond. All of them mean the same thing: a beautiful diamond you’ll love for generations to come.

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What is a Radiant Diamond?

Radiant cuts diamonds are defined by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as “Cut Cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant” diamonds. Essentially, the defining characteristics of a radiant cut diamond are the combination of two elements. Firstly, a diamond with straight edgesin combination with 45 degree cut / angled corners. Secondly, a diamond with brilliant cut faceting.  These two elements in combination together create this uniquely shaped diamond. Radiant cut diamonds are found in general outlines, square and rectangular. Both are correct and “ideal”. It is truly a matter of personal preference as to which the wearer prefers. When cut beautifully, both square radiant cuts and rectangular radiant cuts have equal fire and sparkle.

The Original Radiant Cut diamond was created as a result of diamond cutter Henry Grossbard’s desire to combine the elegant shape of the emerald cut with the brilliance of the round stone. After thirty-three years of developing his craftsmanship, Henry Grossbard made his dream a reality. In 1977, he created the rectangular radiant shape diamond. This diamond shape eventually made rectangular stones popular once again, andgavebuyers the ability to choose the stylish rectangular shape without compromising on brilliance.

What Does a Radiant Cut Diamond Look Like?

At first glance, radiant-cut diamonds look like a princess cut. But when examining closer, you’ll see that the corners are cut off, sheered at an angle. The difference is its outer shape. The princess is square, while the radiant is more square-ish because of its cutoff corners. The result is a softer shape than the princess cut, with an added elegance and sophistication. This beautiful diamondshape offers so much more than you might think.

Radiant shape diamonds come in varying width to length ratios, ranging from long and narrow to completely square. Many radiant shapes are more rectangular in shape, which sometimes makes the stone look like an emerald cut at first look. However, look closely and you’ll see the brilliant faceting, much like a round cut diamond, in the stone. This allows the incredible sparkle, brilliance and fire to shine brightly from the diamond.

The long, rectangular facets of an emerald cut, when with the triangle-shaped facets found in round diamonds, allows a square-shaped diamond to achieve more brilliance and sparkle.The straighter the lines and the more rectangular the facets in the diamond, the more pronounced the appearance of an “X” inside the diamond. This faceting is the creation oflinear light reflections.

How perfectly square or rectangular you want your diamond depends on personal preference, or perhaps the setting design you like. Both square radiant and rectangular radiant shapes are acceptable and loved by women.

Who Likes Radiant Cut Diamonds?

The radiant cut diamond tends to be worn by a vivacious, sociable, and fun loving woman.  The diamond is the choice for couples who have taken the time to become educated about diamond shapes. They are generally looking for something that is unique and special. The radiant shape is not as common as the round shape or princess shape, so this diamond would choose it deliberately for its high level of brilliance and unique shape. Even though the diamond shape is fairly new, it lends itself to elegant, classic settings.The wearer would probably portray a sophisticated, high-class look with her ring.

Probably the most well-known radiant cut engagement ringowner was Jennifer Lopez. She was given the ring by actor Ben Affleck. The ring features a 6.10 carat fancy pink radiant diamond as the center stone. The diamond is accented by two flawless with side diamonds. It is now considered a collectable diamond.

Charlie Sheen bestowed a huge 11.00 carat radiant cut diamond to his Brooke Mueller. The star of television’s sitcom “Two and a Half Men” proposed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Costa Rica. Unfortunately this marriage’s fire didn’t last long as the diamond’s fire.

If you are a person with a unique edge and want extra “fire” in the classic look of a square-looking diamond, this diamond cut might be the ideal choice for you. It’s classic and lovely, but has a special flair that just might be perfect for you.

Why Buy the Radiant Shape Diamond?

Round diamonds, cushion diamonds, princess diamonds, you’ve seen all the most popular (and expected) shapes for diamond rings. You may have even seen all the ring settings that have ever been designed.Now that it’s your turn to get a diamond, you’d like to buy something a little more special and unique. You may even want something that will make people to stop, look, even stare. If this is what you’re looking for, you might want to take a closer look at a radiant shaped diamond.

There are many reasons to consider the radiant shape diamond, but here are a few reasons why we think radiant diamonds are fantastic.

Because of the radiant diamond’s increased brilliance, a well-cut radiant may appear to have a better color than a stone with step-cut faceting (such as an emerald cut diamond or asscher cut diamond).

The extra facets in a brilliant radiant can help conceal and hide any diamond flaws and inclusions for overall better clarity. Therefore, buyers may be able to select a lower clarity diamond than they would in other stones, while still achieving a “flawless” look on the finger.

Properly proportioned, well-cut, radiant diamonds maximize the diamond’s carat weigh by using more of the diamond on the top of the stone, rather than hiding weight beneath the surface of the stone.

Because they don’t have the delicate corners, this shape diamondis more often durable than a princess, marquise or pear shape diamond. Depending on the setting style, radiant shaped diamonds may be more suitable for woman with an active or athletic lifestyle.

The Ideal Radiant Shape Diamond

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has stated that there is not enough an industry consensus or empirical data to specify cut grading standards for radiant cut diamonds.  There is no ideal depth and table parameter for any fancy cut diamonds because these percentages vary based on the length, width and depth measurements of each unique stone.As such, GIA does not give a cut grade to radiant cut diamonds the way it does with round diamonds. Because of this, your own personal preference should dictate to some degree which shape you like best. Some buyers prefer a more rectangular shape while other buyers prefer a more square shape. Some buyers prefer uneven facets creating maximum sparkle from all angles. Other buyers prefer perfectly stacked facets creating symmetry and equal sparkle from each side and angle of the diamond.

Because of these factors, the only way to select your ideal cut radiant cut diamond is to see it in person. The appearance and visual sparkle you see when looking at the stone becomes extremely important. Like other fancy shape diamonds, radiant diamonds cannot be judged solely by the numbers on the certificate.  It is best to see the stones in person and side by side in comparison to other radiant diamonds. You should look for pleasing, graceful, and symmetrical radiant cut diamonds that sparkle and high scintillation when you view them.  Only you will know if this diamond and shape is right for you and your loved one.

Why the Cut of a Radiant Diamond Matters

The shape of a diamond is one of its most defining characteristics – along with its Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. While the terms cut and shape are often used interchangeably when referring to diamonds, these two things are not the same. The shape of the diamond is the outer line the diamond creates – a round shape, a pear shape or a marquise shape. Shape is not one of the Four Cs. Cut refers to the diamond’s symmetry, proportioning, and polish – which, if done incorrectly, can leave a diamond much less luminous. If done correctly, the diamond becomes far more brilliant and fiery. Cut is the most important factor of the Four Cs. Cut is determined by the faceting of the diamond. These facets, and the precision with which they are placed, account for the brilliance and “fire” of the stone. The better the cut, the more sparkle from the diamond, which is what all consumers (and women) want. As such, always try to purchase the mostwell-cut diamond your budget will allow.

The Beauty of the Radiant Cut

The radiant cut diamond is one of the first square cut diamonds to possess a completely brilliant facet pattern that is applied to both its crown and its pavilion. This can create a lively and vibrant square gem.Although thisdiamondshape really only came into being in the 1980s, its cropped corner square shape makes it a perfect “bridge” between a princess cut and a cushion diamond. This particular style can vary in its shape from either being a perfect square to being a rectangle. There is no single ideal length-to-width ratio, it is up to the buyer to determine his or her preference on the rectangular or squareness of the diamond.

The best radiant cuts will have a table(or flat top of the diamond’s surface) should take up a large part of diamond’s visible length and width. The greater surface area the better. The larger the surface area the table takes up, the larger the diamond will look on the wearer’s finger. The culet (or the sharp bottom end that points toward your finger), shouldn’t be chipped in any way. All these factors contribute to the diamond’s quality.

Where to Find the Best Radiant Shape Diamond in Dallas

When selecting on the ideal diamond for you and your love, there are several important factors to consider. With this in mind, having a diamond expert like Lance Shapiro guide you through these factors while keeping your budget in mind can make the purchase much easier.

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