Halo Diamond Rings

Diamond Halo Rings Dallas

Undoubtedly, diamond halo rings are one of the most popular engagement ring styles today – and for good reason. They are incredibly beautiful, considered both modern and vintage in style, and they enhance the appearance of the center diamond in many ways. Not all women want a giant engagement ring – in face, we believe the opposite to be true. There are plenty of women out there that want a diamond that has an understated style and class and sophistication, without breaking the bank. However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a sizable stone. Halo settings feature a center gemstone completely encircled by smaller accent diamonds for a dazzling look. Let Shapiro Diamonds help you find the perfect engagement ring that sparkles brilliantly.

What is a Halo Ring?

The halo ring is a setting style that refers to the placement of smaller diamonds set around a main center stone. The “ring” of diamonds around the center stone can be in any shape (round, square, pear-shaped, etc.) and usually follows the outline of the main diamond it self. Basically, a halo ring is a ring with smaller diamonds encircling the center stone. The term “halo” is used because the center stone looks like it has a halo. This is especially true when this setting style is being used on a round cut diamond engagement ring.

What Does a Halo Engagement Ring Look Like?

This heavenly style ring has a central gemstone surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds to emphasize its sparkle and make it appear larger. The halo setting makes the center diamond appear larger, a great option to boost the appearance of a small diamond. This setting style increases the overall sparkle of the ring. The smaller diamonds flash with light and focus attention back on the center diamond to create interest and draw people’s gaze to your ring. This setting style effect makes the center stone look more brilliant and it brings the viewer’s attention to the center stone. The smaller diamonds outlines and encircle the center stone beautifully and makes the ring that much more beautiful and eye-catching.

Halos are often paired with bands with smaller accent diamonds in varying setting styles including pave-settings, shared-prong settings and channel-settings. However, we love seeing this setting style standing on its own with a simple, unadorned band.

Why Choose a Diamond Halo Ring?

Today, halo engagement rings are almost as classic as diamond solitaires, but with a stylish twist. Their current resurgence in popularity has rocketed this style engagement ring to second place behind the solitaire setting as the most favored style of engagement ring. This is due to many reasons, but mostly due to their incredible beauty, sparkle and ability to visually “grow” the carat weight of the diamond. While bigger and bolder than a classic solitaire, this gorgeous engagement ring style is currently trending and completely of the moment. The halo engagement ring well-suited to the fashion-forward woman, as this design seems set to become the “new” classic.

The Halo ring is also a great way to increase the size of the center diamond, if you are on a budget and if you’re looking for that bigger, more impressive appearance on the finger. The woman with modern style is drawn to them because of their clean, geometric shapes. The woman who enjoys vintage design loves diamond halos because of their rich history dating back to the Art Deco Era. This design is the perfect complement to Princess diamonds, Oval Diamonds, Asscher Diamonds, and Round Diamonds.

This style of setting makes the center stone appear larger, a great option to increase the appearance of a small diamond. This also increases the overall sparkle of the ring. This setting style expands the appearance of the center by as much as a half carat or more. A 1.00 carat center diamond can look as large as a 2.00 carat diamond when set in a diamond halo. So no matter what your budget, this engagement ring style gives you more value for your money. It’s a great choice for any diamond ring buyer.

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring Dallas

Why consider the cushion halo engagement ring? Well, because it is our most-loved, most-asked for, most-desired engagement ring at Shapiro Diamonds. Cushion cut halo engagement rings in Dallas are absolutely loved by every woman. There’s something about them that makes them irresistible – their romantic cut, their ability to look twice their size, their incredible sparkle. When in doubt on what diamond ring to propose with, a gentleman can never go wrong with a cushion halo engagement ring in Dallas.

About Halo Engagement Rings

Despite its recent rise in popularity, this style diamond ring is a salute to days gone by. During the Georgian Era, many rings were set with a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds or pearls as accents. Generally, these center stones were round diamonds, cushion diamonds or pear diamonds. The diamonds surrounding the center stone were set similar to the pave-set diamonds we see today, but without the sophisticated 3-D CAD software technology and master diamond setting techniques we use today to create our metal settings. At the time, all rings were set with this “ring” of stones encircling the center stone, so it was not referred to as a halo ring. It was during the Art Deco Era, that the emergence of what we know today at the Halo setting came to fruition. It’s stunning beauty and sophistication not only has stood the test of time, we believe it will continue to be a classic engagement ring style.

Who Wears This Style Ring?

Halo engagement rings are loved my almost every woman, even amongst Hollywood celebrities, musicians and royalty. Most recently, the famous engagement ring that was once Princess Diana’s and is now Kate Middleton’s ring. It is a deep blue sapphire set in a diamond halo ring. Other celebrities, including as Kelly Clarkson, Natalie Portman and Carrie Underwood also love this ring style.

Multiple Diamond Halos

In the constant search for more sparkle, the diamond ring has given birth to double halo rings and even triple halo rings. A double halo ring is a center stone, then two rows of diamonds encircling the center diamond. A triple halo ring is three rows of diamond circling your center stone. Each addition makes the center diamond look larger and larger. The triple halo may make sense for someone with a very small center stone. However, it is important to keep the proportion correct and in alignment. Only a professional jewelry designer like Shapiro Diamonds can help you keep this in balance. There’s a fine line between looking big and looking silly.


A double halo engagement ring setting consists of two rings of diamonds or gemstones that encircle the center stone.


As the name implies, a triple halo engagement ring setting consists of three rings of diamonds or gemstones that encircle the center stone.

Mixed Size

Not all of the stones in a halo must be the same size and shape. In more unique designs, diamonds will be of mixed sizes. Below includes one size diamonds on the straight sizes of the halo and larger diamonds on the four corners.

Custom Designed Engagement Ring

If the classic halo engagement ring isn’t quite perfect for you, consider creating a custom designed ring with us. There are so many design options to choose and we understand creating a personalized ring is all about the details. At Shapiro Diamonds, we have made thousands of engagement rings over our 20+ years in the jewelry industry. The examples shown here give you some idea of the huge variation in designs and gemstone layouts that you can have. Each and every ring we create is designed and handmade especially for each client and we handpick each diamond and gemstone to order. Contact us today to begin looking your perfect center stone and designing your perfect diamond ring.

Dated to Brand New

We’re often asked how we can take family heirloom diamonds and create a new, updated setting for them. Clients often don’t like the same diamond shapes as their previous generations, yet want to preserve the diamond as it is. Diamond halos are the perfect way to preserve the original diamond, yet give it a new and updated look. We’ve set marquise shape diamonds in halos that soften the pointed tips of the diamond, creating a softer, more elegant shaped diamonds. The marquise shape diamonds actually softened somewhat when “wrapped” in a matching halo. Radiant cuts, which combine the elegant emerald shape with the dazzling brightness of a round, can also give you the extra oomph you’re looking for.

Gemstone Diamond Rings

Generally speaking, diamond halos are created with white diamonds. However, choosing contrasting colored gemstones can give your ring a completely custom look. Contrasting color halos can be as subtle or bold as you choose. We’ve created gorgeous contrasting gemstone halos using blue sapphires, red rubies, purple amethyst and other precious gemstones.

You could also consider the reverse of this design concept – Select a beautiful, rich deep colored gemstone for the center stone, then outline the stone in white diamonds. The options for gorgeous halo engagement rings are endless. We’d love to work with you on a custom halo gemstone ring. Contact us for a free design consultation and view a range of diamonds or gemstones handpicked especially for you.

Gemstone Halo Ring

While the halo ring settings are typically set with diamonds as the center stone, this isn’t always the case. The halo ring setting can be set with all sorts of precious gemstones of color including sapphire, ruby, and emerald. Adding a halo of different metals and/or different color stones can make for a beautiful and eye-catching contrast in colors.

Unique Halo Ring

Generally speaking, the shape of the halo will perfectly follow the outline or shape of the center diamond itself. However, in unique halo ring designs, the design will follow a different shape. Below, we created a cushion shaped halo encircling a round cut diamond. This gives the wearer the sparkle and brilliance of a round cut diamond but the uniqueness of the cushion shape on the finger. The result was completely unique and truly beautiful.

Round shape diamonds are not only set in round shape halos, but are frequently set in cushion shaped halos and even princess cut halos. This allows the wearer to enjoy the maximum sparkle and brilliance found in in a round shape diamond, but also has the unique shape of fancy shape diamonds. The result is spectacular!

Best Engagement Rings in Dallas

This style engagement ring style offers a whole host of options for personalizing and customizing your engagement ring. The design has an old world charm and romance, yet it has already stood the test of time. It is undoubtedly a favorite, but the trendy and classic woman alike. At Shapiro Diamonds, we understand the passionate desire of our clients to give and own the best engagement ring in Dallas. That is what makes each and every Shapiro Diamonds engagement ring in Dallas so incredibly special. Whether you are looking for a round halo engagement ring, princess halo engagement ring, cushion halo engagement ring or pear shape engagement ring, let Shapiro Diamonds assist you with your diamond search and ring creation. Contact or Call us today to view a collection of diamonds begin on your one-of-a-kind engagement ring.