Classic Engagement Rings

What is a Classic Engagement Ring?

Just as in fashion, jewelry trends come and go. This includes diamond shapes, metal colors and gemstone colors. For an engagement ring you’ll love as much 10 years from now as you do today, opt for a classic engagement ring and fuss-free design that will never go out of style. Our collection of classic designs features rings you can love for a lifetime. Timeless and made to feature your choice of round diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, or another fancy-shape of your choice – these classic engagement rings are each handcrafted to last (and love) for a lifetime.

What does a Classic Engagement Ring Look Like?

There are four different ring styles that fall within the Classic Engagement Ring Style. These ring styles have stood the test of time and don’t seem to be dating themselves the way other styles do.

Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

The quintessential sign of a betrothed woman – a single diamond set atop a band without diamonds.

Classic Diamond Accent Engagement Rings

One main diamond set atop a band of adorned diamonds. The diamond band may include diamonds that are channel-set, shared-prong set, single-prong set, fishtail set, or many other setting styles. The diamonds on the band adds sparkle and shine, but do not distract from the main largest diamond.

Classic Three Stone Engagement Rings

The classic three stone setting features three diamonds in a row, creating three times the sparkle and shine.

Classic Pave Engagement Rings

Four delicate prongs firmly hold small diamonds in place, creating a continuous surface of diamonds on the band of the ring.

Who likes classic engagement rings?

Love a little black dress? Love a strand of pearls? Are the perfect pair of heels are your ideal style? Then a classic engagement ring is for you! These rings are marked by simplicity and sophistication. They are perfect for the woman who loves clean, classic design and prefers elegant clothing.  The classic engagement ring is timeless and tradition. This style of setting also highlights the brilliance, sparkle and fire of your beautiful diamond. You simply cannot go wrong with this gorgeous ring.

The Ideal Classic Engagement Ring

The quintessential sign of a woman planning a wedding is a classic engagement ring. This is undoubtedly a prong-set solitaire engagement ring. This is a single diamond set on four prongs with a plain band, no diamonds adorning the shank of the ring. The prong setting holds the diamond well and allows the stone to be seen from the side. If you are worried about choosing a setting for your fiancé-to-be, you can’t go wrong with a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Classic Ring Metal Options

In the last two decades, the most popular color for the classic ring has been white. White metal includes both white gold and platinum. Both metals sparkle brilliantly and flatter both white diamonds as well as colored gemstones beautifully. In the last two years, we’ve seen a resurgence of non-white metals including both yellow-gold and rose-gold.  Yellow gold engagement rings are both on-trend and cutting edge and can be great for both the traditional and non-traditional bride. Rose gold engagement rings are romantic in feel and can be a nod to the vintage past.  Platinum engagement rings, white gold engagement rings, yellow gold engagement rings and rose gold engagement rings are all gorgeous choices for the classic bride.

Colorless or Colorful?

The use of diamonds as the central gemstone in engagement rings is somewhat new. This tradition only dates back to Victorian times when large quantities of diamonds were discovered in South Africa. Previous to that, precious colored gemstones were used. This includes ruby engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings and emerald engagement rings.  If you are looking for a unique engagement ring, consider a colorful engagement ring rather than a colorless one!

Classic Rings with a Modern Twist

We have found that the vast majority of engagement ring buyers want to keep the traditional aspect of the engagement ring alive, yet want a modern aspect to ring design too. Buyers are looking for something that is based on a simple solitaire design, but incorporates an element of adventure modern style. This may include an asymmetrical design or even a unique finish to the band.


Classic Rings with an Antique Twist

Very few people like to be considered “old-fashioned”, but vintage and antique design elements have incredible charm and beauty. As timeless and unique as your love, vintage and antique rings originate from romantic eras of times gone by. Brides looking for something a little different should consider a classic engagement ring with an antique design element to them. We call these classic rings with an antique twist.  These elements may include incorporating different metals including yellow gold and rose gold, possibly even a combination of both metals. Antique styling may also include adding hand engraving, lacy and pierced shapes, milgraining, scrollwork, and filigree detail on the band.   Below are few examples we’ve done recently and love.

Why Buy a Classic Engagement Ring in Dallas?

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