Heart Shape Diamonds In Dallas, TX

Heart cut diamonds, heart shape and heart shaped diamonds are all the same thing – truly romantic! This diamond shape may have many different titles but, they are all absolutely perfect to express the age-old symbol of love and romance.

Those who are seeking the perfect diamond in Dallas, Texas should consider Shapiro Diamonds as their guide. When purchasing a heart diamond, it is essential to work with a diamond expert and experienced jeweler designer. Finding a diamond dealer in Dallas who is cognizant of both your budget and your diamond desires can help to ensure that you get the best overall quality and value on your diamond purchase.

What is a Heart Cut Diamond?
The heart diamond, an age-old symbol of love and romance, is exactly what it sounds like – the outline of a heart. It is essentially a Pear shaped diamond with a cleft at the top center. In this diamond shape, it is the skill of the diamond cutter who determines the beauty of the diamond’s cut. Heart shaped diamonds come in a variety of silhouettes, from narrow to fat. The choice of a particular silhouette should be dictated by personal preference – there is no right or wrong way to create a heart cut diamond. Certainly, this shape diamond has traditionally been a symbol of love. This stone’s unique and unmistakable characteristics have become quite popular in diamond engagement ring rings, as well as in pendants. If budget allows, it is best to pick out a heart diamond that is at least above 1.00 carat weight. Because of its complex shape, the heart cut diamond will be difficult to see in diamonds stones below 1.00 carat total weight.

Who Likes Heart Shape Diamonds?

As with other diamond cuts, the heart shaped stone also commands its own unique personality. In this case, it isn’t surprising that this of this particular stone attracts women who are romantic, sensitive, and emotional. Therefore, the heart shaped diamond is typical of the sensitive and loving woman. Keeping this in mind throughout the purchase process will help to more closely match up the ideal stone for the individual wearer.

Why the Cut of Diamond Really Matters

There are several significant features that determine how diamond will sparkle. One of the key determinants is the stone’s Cut. The cut comes in large part from how the diamond polished and is highly determinate on the skill of the diamond polisher and cutter. A diamond’s cut also refers to the gem’s symmetry, proportioning, and polish, all of which will have an impact on the diamond’s overall brilliance, beauty and value.

Symmetry can be especially crucial when choosing the heart shape, as it is imperative that both sides of the heart are identical. Therefore, the cleft between the diamond’s two lobes should be sharp and distinct, with the stone’s “wings” having a slight rounded shape. The most beautiful heart diamonds are clearly defined, possess even brilliance to the edges and are not too wide, too long, or too deep. These are the diamonds will have the most amount of sparkle, brilliance and fire.

The Heart Shape’s Ratio

Heart shaped diamonds come in a variety of silhouettes, from long and narrow to rounded and fat, and every shape in-between. Well-made heart shape diamonds should not be too wide or too long. The heart shape diamond should have a clearly defined outline and should not be jagged or uneven in any way. The choice of a particular silhouette should be chosen by personal preference – there is no right or wrong way to create a heart cut diamond. The length-to-width ratio will determine the diamond’s outline, or what it will look like when viewed from the top. In most cases, the ideal length to width ratio should be around 1.00 to 1.00, meaning that the heart is the same size, shape, and dimension on both sides. To find the dimension of shape you want, look for the length-to-width ratio in this range. Most Heart-shaped diamonds are cut to a 1.00 ratio, approximately 0.90 to 1.10 (almost square), this ratio is most pleasing to the eye. Some diamonds may be slightly longer than wide, with a ratio of 1.10 or 1.20. Staying within these ratios will create a diamond that is neither too fat nor too skinny and will create for a beautiful heart shape diamond engagement ring.

What is the Best Setting for a Heart Shape Diamond?

Heart cut diamonds look very good in many different setting styles and it is truly up to the wearer of the diamond ring to decide. Frequently, this diamond shape is set in six-prong solitaire setting for engagement rings. These prong settings allow plenty of light reflect off the stone, maximizing its brilliance and fire qualities. Cathedral prong settings lift the diamond up even higher – a feature which helps the stone to really stand out on diamond solitaire engagement rings. Smaller or unsymmetrical heart shaped diamonds also look great in a halo setting. The halo makes the diamond look larger and can improve the visual symmetry of the diamond. Heart cut diamonds are rarely set with side stones, unless when the stones are combined with other design elements such as a diamond halo or shared prong band.

Heart Shape Diamond Quality

It is important to learn about diamonds before you purchase one. Diamonds are somewhat complex, with many attributes that affect their overall beauty and value. At Shapiro Diamonds, we cover both the “Four Cs” and the “Beyond Four Cs” which cover the characteristics that impact a diamond’s value and beauty that don’t fall within the standard “Four Cs.

Evaluating color in heart shaped diamonds, and other fancy shaped diamonds, is subjective. Everyone sees color slightly differently. While one buyer may see a slight tinge of warmth in one stone, another buyer may see no visible color at all in the same stone. Additionally, keep in mind that many buyers may actually prefer the ever so slightly warmer colors of a G-H diamond over the cool colorlessness of a D-F diamond. Like color, evaluating clarity in heart shaped diamonds is subjective. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provides excellent clarity grades. Still, it is important to understand that each customer will have a unique standard and tolerance level for clarity. Some may be perfectly comfortable with an inclusion as long as they cannot easily see it with the naked eye. Others may insist on a more flawless appearance. While working with Shapiro Diamonds, you can expect to see a collection of loose heart shape diamonds within your carat weight and budget specifications. These diamonds will have varying levels of both color and clarity. This will allow you to view diamonds side by side and determine which diamond is best for you and your budget.

Heart Cut Diamond Buying Tip

Most people who receive a diamond engagement ring have a preference on diamond shape. Women tend to already know what diamond shape diamond they want long before the proposal comes, whether it be round diamond, cushion diamond, princess diamond, or another fancy shape diamond. While other factors should be determined by the purchaser (such as budget and quality), the choice of diamond shape should include input from the wearer of the diamond, if at all possible. This is true for fancy shape engagement diamonds, especially the truly romantic heart shape diamond engagement rings.

Value and Affordability Coupled with High Quality

When searching for that perfect diamond, you want (and should expect) to be guided through your purchase by the diamond dealer and expert you’ve chosen. If you are in Dallas, Texas and are in the diamond buying process, please consider Shapiro Diamonds.

Shapiro Diamonds offers a wide variety of diamond shapes and qualities to choose from. Unlike most jewelry stores, you will receive personalized attention in finding the diamond that fits both your needs and your budget perfectly. Call us today to schedule your diamond consultation.