Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are beautiful reminders from our past that tell a romantic love story all their own. At Shapiro Diamonds in Dallas, we adore vintage engagement rings. We recognize that sometimes nothing else will ever do! We have collection a vintage engagement rings and fine jewelry pieces that are unique to its own time period. Whether it be an antique engagement ring, vintage wedding band, or unique statement pair or earrings, we have an incredibly diverse collection of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces – each with their own unique history and love story.  Each and every Shapiro Diamonds piece is time period, which makes wearing a piece from our collection incredibly special.

What does a Vintage Ring Look Like?

Perfect for the antique-inspired woman, the vintage engagement ring delivers the beauty, elegance and romance of yesteryear with the quality of today’s jewelry making techniques. These rings are often very ornate with intricate scrollwork and small details. These elements mimic the beauty of your family’s most treasured heirlooms resulting in rings that will remain beacons of glamour and grace for many years to come. An antique engagement ring, or antique-inspired engagement ring, may one or more of the following design elements.

Delicate smaller diamonds surrounding a center stone to create a heavenly halo effect.

Closely set diamonds add breathtaking shimmer and sparkle to the band, appearing as a solid surface of diamonds.

Intricate Handwork
Engraving, scrollwork, metal cutouts, filigree and open galleries create incredible detail that can only be done by hand by master craftsmen.

Small beads of metal placed on the edge of a metal boarder to add a delicate, glimmering detail.

Side Diamonds
Intricate side diamond detailing makes each piece unique and stately. These stones could even be done in a gemstone.

What is a Vintage Engagement Ring?

Vintage engagement rings fall into three distinct categories and it is very important to understand these three categories prior to purchasing. Engagement rings that appear as if they might be from a past era fall into three distinct categories: Antique, Vintage, and Vintage-Inspired.

Antique: An “antique” ring is a piece of jewelry that has been previously owned and that we can confirm was originally made over 100 years ago from the present date. Generally speaking, these rings would fall within the mid 1800’s to about 1915 date, considered the Victorian and Edwardian periods. These rings most frequently include an Old Mine Cut diamond or cushion cut diamond. Platinum was most frequently used during this time period. Antique engagement rings are more delicate than vintage-inspired engagement rings due to their age and tend to be more expensive due to their rarity. However, when cared for properly, they can sparkle beautifully, and last for generations.

Vintage: A “vintage” ring is a piece of jewelry that has been previously owned and that we can confirm was made any time in the last 100 years from the present date. This can be as recent at 20 years old, or up to 99 years old.  Both of these rings would fall under vintage engagement rings in Dallas. The majority of vintage engagement rings come from the Art Deco era, Retro era, and Modern era, dating from 1915 to the late 1960s.

Vintage-Inspired: A “vintage-inspired” engagement ring is one that is newly made, has not been previously owned, and includes the designs elements of vintage or antique rings from the past. Shapiro Diamonds can design a new ring with the exact hand-engraving, milgrain accents, elaborate metal cutouts, and design style of most beautiful vintage and antique rings ever made. Our vintage-inspired rings look as beautiful as the original antique ring, if not more beautiful, due to the upgraded diamond quality and advanced jewelry creating advancements over the last 100+ years.

Newly made engagement rings inspired by a vintage or antique design are proving to be extremely popular these days. Creating a new diamond engagement ring with vintage embellishments and design stylings allows the wearer to get the best quality diamond possible and the best quality manufacturing, while still achieving the desired antique appearance of the ring. The romance, elegance and detailed artistry of the past is still present and alive in the ring, yet without the risk of associated with 100 year old manufacturing techniques or elevated price structures due to the rarity of antique rings. Selecting a vintage-inspired may insure your diamond engagement ring will be loved and cherished for generations to come.

Antique Cut Diamonds

Antique and vintage diamonds are beautiful relics from our past. These mysterious and sparkling diamonds include Single Cut Diamonds, Rose Cut Diamonds, and Old Mine Cut Diamonds, These diamonds are pieces of history that have a personality and life all their own., People are so drawn to these particular diamonds because they are no longer cut today. These diamonds don’t look like the diamonds that are cut currently on the international diamond markets.  Each antique and vintage diamond you see is at least 100 years old! They are mysterious and romantic with history and each filled with its own love story. Each vintage-inspired ring we design draws influence from the bold and glittery past eras.


Where Can I Buy a Vintage Engagement Ring in Dallas?

Shapiro Diamonds is the leader in procuring the most beautiful vintage engagement rings in Dallas. Additionally, we have designed and created over 4,000 vintage-inspired engagement rings in Dallas. We recreated the vintage rings without compromising the history and hand-made quality of the original piece. When choosing an engagement ring, you want to pick a style that best matches her personality and fashion sense. The antique engagement ring, vintage engagement ring and vintage-engagement ring are all three great choices for the romance couple looking to honor history and tradition while adding in a touch of glamour.

Shapiro Diamonds is a wholesale diamond dealer in Dallas and purchases diamonds directly from the international diamond cutters and polishers overseas. We have access to the largest collections of diamonds available in the market as well as a vast collection of stones in our own inventory. We would love to work with you to create your perfect diamond engagement ring. Contact or Call us today to view our collection of diamonds and begin designing your wedding ring in Dallas today!