Channel Set Diamond Rings

Contemporary, sleek and beautiful in every way, the channel diamond ring exceptionally beautiful as well as very durable, making it a great choice for diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands and diamond eternity bands. This awesome setting style takes the already popular setting style of round diamonds or princess cut diamonds and safely secures the diamonds, creating an incredibly beautiful ring that is considered both modern and traditional in style.


What is a Channel Setting?

A channel setting is a setting style in which diamonds or gemstones are set flush between two strips of metal that holds them in place. The stone are set side by side with no additional prongs between the stones. The channel refers to the metal holding the small stones of uniform size in a row. Instead of each stone being held by an individual set of prongs, the stones are fit into the channel and held into place on each side by a continuous strip of metal. This style setting is a technique in which diamonds are embedded along the band, deep within at channel of metal.

What Do Channel Set Rings Look Like?

Starting in the 1990s, this setting style became a popular style in ring design and jewelry creation. With their clean, sleek look, these rings are well-suited to the modern woman. This setting style is usually loved for its straight lines, clean edges and contemporary style. Additionally, the wider metal borders also have become more admired, due to the beautiful contrast of sparkle and reflective shine. Channel set rings have also been combined with brushed finishes, creating an unexpected contrast of sparkling diamonds and subdued metal.

Engagement Ring Setting Styles

Differentiating between the channel setting and other setting styles can be a challenge to the untrained eye. Fortunately you have Shapiro Diamonds on your side to help. When you look closely at various setting styles, you’ll begin to see subtle variations in styles between channel-set, pave-set, and prong-set (just to name a few).

Pavé, which literally means “pave,” is a setting where accent diamonds are set very close together. The diamonds are set into a metal framework that looks like a honeycomb design. This structure creates a solid expanse of sparkle, with no gaps or airspace between the diamonds. When round diamonds are channel set, triangular-shaped spaces usually appear in the corners between the stones creating a gap or airspace. Pave settings have no airspace.

In the shared prong setting, adjacent diamonds share the prongs that keep them in place. Two stones share one prong of metal. There is less metal holding the diamonds in place. There is a greater amount of sparkle in the shared-prong settings style, but more risk of loss of stones from the setting. Shared prong settings have minimal prongs where channel settings because have the characteristic wide, precious metal borders.

A very recognizable setting is the diamond halo setting, in which the largest center stone is surrounded by a boarder or outline of smaller stones. This is called the halo. Often times the halo allows for only the crown of the diamond to show. This creates a more designer appearance and is very sought after by brides today. When compared with channel set stones, halo set rings provide a more designer and fashion-forward look.

What to Look for in Channel-Set Rings

Gemstone settings are nearly always named with a term that describes the way they actually hold the gems in place, and the term channel setting is no exception. Channel set gemstones are placed into a metal channel, and flow side by side in a continuous row. They create a clean, uniform look throughout the band of the ring. Diamonds should be set low into the metal, not protruding above the metal. The channels of metal should be long, straight and even on both sides, no misalignment. The stones should be evenly spaced. It is acceptable for the gemstones to touch one another, however they should not overlap.

Benefits of Channel Settings

Because this setting has clean, smooth edges, channel set rings are comfortable and practical with less maintenance than other settings, such as pave. The diamonds are inlaid flush with the top, making it ideal for a wedding band.

This type of setting protects the girdle (also known as the edge) of the gemstone. This reduces the chances of chipping due to accidental hits.

Since the gemstones are put in a channel, it is not easy for them to fall out.

Snag-free and secure design, since there are no prongs to catch on clothing.

Challenges of Channel Settings

Because of their structure, channel settings are also not easy to resize or repair. Attempts to repair or resize them have the potential to bend if not done properly.

Channel settings offer less diamond visibility and create less sparkle. Because they are surrounded by metal walls, stones in this type of setting have more of their surface covered by the mounting. As a result, they are less visible than stones set in prong settings. They may also sparkle less.

Channel settings make cleaning your ring slightly harder. It is tough to reach deep into the metal and clean out the dirt and oils trapped behind the gemstones. Often, the best way to clean channel-set rings is to use an ultrasonic cleaner.

Antique Channel Set Rings

Shapiro Diamonds frequently designs and creates inspired antique engagement rings featuring channel settings. We design antique rings with channel settings, both with diamond accents and colored gemstones. Many of these diamonds are custom polished and hand-selected to perfectly match the shape of the channel. This is usually done in a way that creates the most beautiful and brilliant antique rings possible in the market today.


Unique Channel Settings

Although channel set engagement rings are often thought of as classic elegance, that doesn’t mean that they all have to conform to traditional designs. The channels of a ring can curve, twist, or rise in unique and untraditional ways. Additionally, they can expand and taper to create a combination of traditional and modern elements.

Where to buy Channel Set Rings in Dallas?

There are many elements that factor into purchasing the perfect engagement ring. In seeking that fine line between ring design, diamond quality, budget, design and carat weight, it is essential to have an expert diamond dealer on your side. At Shapiro Diamonds in Dallas, you will not just find wholesale pricing on the best loose diamonds in Dallas, but also the personal attention and customer service that you’d expect when making this once in a lifetime engagement ring purchase. We can also create your diamond engagement ring using any setting style you’d like. Call us today to set up your appointment to view a collection of diamonds and engagement rings in Dallas.