Dainty Diamond Engagement Ring Dallas

Dainty and Sparkling! There's no doubt that dainty diamond engagement rings are the most loved style of rings today. This gorgeous engagement ring features a round brilliant cut diamond set on a band of dainty round brilliant cut diamonds. Because the accent diamonds are set with a small about of metal covering them, they sparkle like crazy! Also, the daintier and thinner the band, the larger the center stone looks. This setting style also allows for a straight line wedding band to fit against the engagement ring - even two, one wedding band on each side! This engagement ring style is so versatile it can be used with any shape diamond, but we especially love it with the round diamond because of its classic and traditional feel. Contact us to select your engagement ring in Dallas! To view this completed ring, click here! https://www.shapirodiamonds.com/blog/portfolio/halo-engagement-ring/ https://www.shapirodiamonds.com/blog/portfolio/diamond-engagement-ring-dallas/